Kids’ Shoes and Sneaker Trends for 2023

Sneakers are not just for athletes or gym-goers anymore; even people who don’t consider themselves sneaker-heads can see the value in a good pair of sneakers. In today’s world, sneakers can be worn in nearly any situation where you would typically wear formal shoes.

However, when buying fashionable shoes for your kids, there are some different aspects to remember, and one of the most important aspects is comfort. Luckily fashion designers and stylists always know to keep comfort foremost in mind when creating new collections for kids.

What’s even better: as we head into 2023 is that the main design trends all focus on soft, breathable, natural materials. And to be honest, we can never see kids sneakers going out of fashion. Top fashion brands are currently showcasing practical sneakers with some urban attitude.

Kids Sneakers 2023 Color Trends

It’s difficult to pinpoint which specific colors are in style at the moment since the popular color scheme covers a broad spectrum, ranging from bright, luminous neon shades to muted delicate pastels at the other end of the spectrum. This means kids can choose whatever resonates best for them.

In 2022, we noticed a new trend in sneakers – they were becoming less bulky and more slimmed down. While there are still bulky designs, the slimmer-looking trend is here to stay for 2023. No matter the gender, all current shoe styles right now are designed with optimism and change in mind. Plant-based shoes are here to stay, with vegan materials being trendy. But designers can no longer claim that shoes are good for the environment because it is not made from leather — they also have to fess up about the carbon footprint of the material and what happens to it when it’s no longer in use and starts to biodegrade.

What’s in store right now:

Popular shoes and sneakers for girls in 2023

Shoes for girls combine lightness and eco-friendly materials. White sneakers are trendy right now and ballet pumps are still very trendy too. Some other popular colors include different types of blue, and bold statement tones, such as red.

Popular shoes and sneakers for boys in 2023
Shoes for boys will also combine lightness and the trend for eco-friendly materials, as well as bold colors and basic white. More than ever, kids have free rein to express their style.

Finding the right size shoe for your child

Since children frequently outgrow shoes, when shopping for them always be sure to try them on first to get a feel for the fit. To do this, let your child put on the shoe and then stand up. Then press gently on the top of the shoe to ensure there’s about a half-inch of space between the longest toe and the end. This provides enough room for their feet to press forward as they walk. Finally, let them wiggle their toes to ensure enough room for them to move around comfortably.


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