Last Minute Holiday Gift Grabs

When it comes to obtaining gifts for the cheerful yet stressful holiday season, many of us try to look for something different…something that sets us apart from the common, ordinary or undesirable “fruitcake” type of present. You want your gift to reflect and appeal to the unique personality of your loved one. When on a time crutch, that desire to find the perfect gift becomes something of an obstacle. Below are a few suggestions that just might bestow you with some holiday help!

Dune Jewelry Company® -Regatta Ring

Ever wanted to capture a moment in time, keep it forever- or a piece of your favorite place that you could carry with you? Dune Jewelry takes your favorite beach spot and custom capsulizes it so that happy memory or fragment of home can be formed into fashion. Choose from thousands of sands worldwide, spanning all 7 continents. You also have the option to send your own sand to create your accessory!
This Regatta Ring is price at $84.00

UGG Grand Meadow Novelty Tech Earmuffs

Luckily winter weather has not come upon us YET. When it does, UGG has you covered…well your ears at least. The new UGG Earmuffs enable music to flow in fashion while keeping your ears toasty warm!
The muffs come with built-in audio speakers and removable cords. They come in three colors, and are a plush space-dyed ombré effect knit made of genuine sheepskin fur.
UGG Earmuffs shown here are priced at $74.95

Striiv Fusion Activity Tracker

The multi-functional watch not only monitors your steps, but keeps track of calories burned, your sleep quality, time, date and shows your texts as well! Touch screen feature and a 5 day rechargeable battery. Watch includes red, blue and black bands for a fashionable fitness look.
Price $79.99


When it comes to belts we generally choose what we see on the shelf of our local department or specialty store. Rarely do you see multiple options to create your own belt inch by inch. C4belts give you the choice to create your own belt from dozens of templates, colors and styles in belt and buckle. The belts are waterproof, interchangeable and earth friendly, not to mention they can be cut to fit at home!

C4’s mission is to promote individuality through quality belts that gives back. C4 stands for choose your color, choose your cause. Not only do you choose the colors to best match your style, you also choose one of four charities to determine how we give back $1 for each belt you purchase.
Prices vary depending on belt and buckle chosen.

Globe In, The Artisan Box

Globe-In is a truly unique handmade gateway of gifts. The company offers a monthly subscription of highly curated, artisan-made products from around the world. The box features custom soaps, foods, pottery and various other delights all in one beautifully crafted box!
Prices vary and start at $30 a month

Shag Shoe Bag

As a New Yorker we run from place to place in limited time and to various events. We have to be on point and presentable at all times but still make it without our feet falling off in the process! This handy little bag is the stylish way to cart around your extra pair (or two) of flats or heels without being bag-heavy. Light-weight, packable and easy to clean. 14.5 x 11.75 in
A set of TWO Shags $19.95

Snap Cowl

Need that added little… well something to add to you rather drab outfit? The Snap Cowl is the accessory that adds a bit of poise and panache to your ensemble!
Item made of Wool, genuine, Cognac suede ends featuring six secure, industrial snaps.
Priced at $48.00

Chrysmela earring backs

Tired of losing your earring backs and inadvertently, that expensive earring? Chrysmela is the only high-tech lock-and-unlock earring back in the world. Chrysmela is created with high precision technology found in smart phones and fine watches. Three micro ball bearings are spring-activated inside the tiny device, and generate super strong holding power to lock earrings securely.
$50.00 each, comes in 24 caret gold, rose gold and platinum
Log onto for more info and to purchase log onto

Flip Belt

When going to the gym or a yoga class, often we are more focused on making sure our keys or phone are safe rather than focusing on the class or our workout routine. The Flip Belt keeps your valuables right where you want them, on you! The belt goes around your waist and keeps everything in place.

Red List X Q&Q SmileSolar Collection

Looking for an exotic accessory? Q & Q SmileSolar watches have created a “Critically Endangered” faux print collection of watches that feature a fashionable and intricate appearance for each species exhibited. Shown above, the Philippine Crocodile.
Watch is solar powered but can be charged when needed.
Holiday price $37.50

Olivia + Joy purse

Double handle alluring anaconda embossed satchel is an essential element for day to night wear. Purse features a gold pyramid stud magnetic flap and zipper closure, one zipper pocket, and two open pockets. Shoulder strap included.


The planner with purpose! These eco-friendly, inspirational planners encourage people to redesign their lives into a work of art, and live full of grace and God’s joy! Each planner includes encouraging Bible verses, dream planning exercises, praise reports and ways to refocus your passions.
Horacio is donating 10% of every planner sold to A21, an incredible non-profit that is changing the world by fighting human trafficking globally!

The Home T, Home Hoodie

Represent your HOME state this winter with The Home Hoodie! Incredibility soft and warm inside, this cozy apparel piece helps raise money for multiple sclerosis research.
Made in the USA, and unisex with a vintage look and feel!

TV-Head Co.

These wooden wonders give a new take to the iconic men’s accessory category. TV-Head’s wooden bow ties are sealed and beveled to feel comfortable and look great. Each wooden bow tie comes with an adjustable elastic band that allows you to size it to your needs.
Made in The USA and come with a matching pocket square.
The Maple Wooden Wallet is made out of recycled Maple wood. It features a minimalist design with two planks of wood and an adjustable wrap around band to hold all your belongings in place.
Wooden Bow tie $45.00
Wooden Wallet $25.00

Gunnar Intercept Video Game Glasses

For those individuals who are gaming enthusiasts, the Intercept Color Collection combines style with technology. The wide lens is designed to give the gamer the ultimate visual edge with unobstructed views. The glasses ease muscular eyestrain, enhance eye focusing power, sharpen details and keeps eyes from drying out with Fractyl™ lens geometry technology. Great for those who are consistent computer users or whose job function is computer focused!

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