The Latest For The Ladies Accessories Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you are looking for your leading lady, friend, mother or sister-searching for an unusual and thoughtful gift can feel like a time consuming and tedious chore especially when the festivities are fast approaching! Today’s gift guide is instant accesses to the hottest accessories this season.


cw choleah high cp leather boot

If you’re a coward in cold weather, this is the boot for you! Seriously sleek and stable, these shoes feature full insulation- 100 grams of Primaloft® insulation and a Climaproof® membrane for waterproof warmth, snow, ice and generally keeping the arctic away from your ankles. The boot offers a foldable collar for a varied look. The rugged soles are geared for grip on those slippery sidewalks and driveways-no salt needed!

Price: $160.00

Available at:


Guiltless glamour is the first thing that comes to mind when slipping on these lenses. Not only are they ideal for sun protection but they feel like the seasonal shield of armor against the winter wind. Added bonus, they are the most comfortable pair I’ve every worn!

Price: $206.00

Available at:

Jessie Girl Jewelry

Pristine, personalized …priceless. This cuff gives your intended a vastly valuable gift with a special message enclosed on the inside or in front. The cuff come in a variety of metals and messages be it coordinates, quotes or their name or a special saying if so chosen. My favorite is our beloved city and my favorite number!

Sterling Silver – $60.99
Nu Gold Brass – $22.99
Aluminum – $28.99

Available at:

UP In Arms

Handcrafted Oxidized silver bangles have a unique smoky, sultry design that gives the style… a rocker type edge.
Truly a beautiful custom creation.
Also available in a shiny sterling silver shade- petite and regular sizing.

Price: $150.00 a piece or 3 bangles for $380.00

Available at:

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