Le Pickle Club Elevates Sportswear with Chic, Playful Twist

Le Pickle Club fashion is the definition of chic. Founded by twin sisters Sara Brady and Ashley Cornil, the sportswear brand has become my new favorite to wear to the gym, running errands, or attempting to play pickleball (key word: attempting). Leveraging their extensive experience in the fashion industry, the co-founders created a line of pickleball-inspired clothing that caters to both avid and casual players who value comfort and style on and off the court: t-shirts, crop tees, long sleeve shirts, socks, hats and more.

This high-quality, stylish and playful apparel can be worn in everyday life. Even if you never make it to the gym – which is me most days, let’s be honest – putting on workout clothes means you’re halfway there. And when I say workout clothes, I mean quality workout clothes. Having tried the Club Crop Tee | New York, I can’t say enough about the material of the shirt; when you’re wearing a dark bra and you can’t see it under the white crop top, you know it’s the good stuff. It’s comfortable in fit and stylish in design—you can’t go wrong with whatever top you pick, whether you select your hometown or a town you love visiting. This tee, along with many other pieces in the collection, highlights the brand’s focus on blending style with functionality.

On top of cuteness and comfortability, Le Pickle Club also prioritizes sustainability. The brand uses a lean manufacturing model and a print-on-demand approach to minimize waste, a significant issue in the fashion industry. By cutting out middlemen in the shipping and selling processes, Le Pickle Club ensures that each item is printed and shipped directly to customers, promoting efficiency and eco-friendliness.

This brand has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. The quality is unparalleled and the designs are both fun and functional. From their original collection to the new, patriotic “Le Olympic” line, every piece is thoughtfully crafted to ensure comfort, style and durability. Whether you’re a pickleball pro or just love stylish, comfortable sportswear, this brand is a must-have. Now I just have to actually get to the gym …