Look Better Than You Feel – Your Guide to Looking Good at an Engagement Party

With February 14th rearing it’s troublesome head you know what can’t be far behind – engagements and their corresponding parties and showers.

Sure those dreaded gathering entail free booze and as many trendy cupcakes the nearly-engaged and single hordes can imbibe and engorge, but they require effort. And money for gifts. And most importantly, time you will never get back that could have been lovingly spent with your Netflix queue. One thing you can do to combat this potentially begrudgingly spent afternoon is looking damn good for the photographs (either instagram or professional) that will inevitably end up on Facebook.

The following are some chic looks that will keep your spirits high, even when the booze runs out.

Jockey Shapewear

That beloved saying “out of sight, out of mind” certainly applies to some of our less favorable regions. Where Mother Nature and genetics may have passed you over, Jockey is here to help. With an array of tummy-flattening and rear-controlling options, Jockey is definitely on your side of the fight against last night’s order of spring rolls. Slap on a skin-tight dress without sucking in your gut the whole time, and keep the others wondering, “what pilates class is she taking?”

Jorge Bischoff Boots

Boots are a wonderful option with darker denim, or even dresses and shorts for a chic, rock and roll edge. Footwear is one of the few things we can control that doesn’t relate to our unique silhouette, so why not wear what you’re feeling? These options from Jorge Bischoff are not only versatile, but look like they’re ready to party — regardless of the atmosphere.

A Rocking Cardigan

I’ll just say what we already know, b*tches love cardigans. Feeling like your dress is a little too risqué? Slap on a cardigan. Need a little something extra to make your denim and boot ensemble more interesting? Toss on your favorite layer. They can range from your favorite cable knit that be tied about the shoulders if the engagement party is in Connecticut, or tucked over an intricate skirt to level out the look. This versatile option from Brooks Brothers can be worn with denim, chinos, or to make a questionable dress appropriate when family will inevitably be in the room.

Statement Jewelry

So, you’re hungover. Or apathetic. Or all of the above. Never fear, turn to your favorite little black dress, your shapewear and some statement jewelry to look unique and not like a sheep. I’m always going to support real jewelry over fake, but if you want to go with a blatantly costume look hit up your local vintage store, flea market or when all else fails, Kate Spade. Their baubles and trinkets are larger than life and will spark up conversation among your other cupcake-clutching brethren. Think of it as your duty to break the albeit already thin ice.

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