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Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Banner

While warm weather has gifted us in the boroughs of New York City with an extra long embrace, fall is still among us. Within that is my everlasting love for the changing colors of the season and shifting movements of time. Maybe it’s just the nostalgic smell for when the school year was beginning in the fall. There was always that budding excitement for the potential hiding in the unknown.

That shift between the warmth of the sun to the warmth of the night lit venues is part of the allure I feel from Saaksha x Kinni, a four year old apparel company started by Saaksha Bhat and Kinnari Kamat.  Known to be a luxe boho brand, the duo designers pay homage to their Indian heritage while creating custom couture for the modern woman. The cuts are sleek and the patterns bold, with warm earthy hues. Even the greens teeter upon that underlying warm coloring. With nearly a decade of experience designing embroidery for big brand names such as Balmain, Ellie Saab and Armani, the youthful brand has much adoration to garner from the public.

The Quad Collection

Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Match
Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Duet

Saaksha x Kinni comes out with about two new collections per year. Each collection has its own focus on patterning upon various apparel such as sari dresses, jumpsuits, bustiers and coats. This summer they released the Quad Collection which featured large geometric shapes, checkerboard and square patterning, mirror embroidery, deep sea blues and orange satin fabrics.

The garments easily stand out with their choice of textiles, and while eyes can only handle so much desire, the beauty happens once you put on the piece.

Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Coat and Jean Set
Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Black Dress

The Select Piece – A Shirt Dress

My eyes fell upon a rust colored shirt dress while browsing their collection. Just like that feeling of a warm glow in a bar, the light seemed to bounce off the shirt dress just the same. The color gave off a sense of subdued glamour, as if the glow of riches came from within and the outer layer was just the lampshade to diffuse its light.

I knew logically I could easily dress this up for the winter if need be, with tights and knee high ( or thigh-high ) boots. For the warmer months it could stand as is and be up-scaled with accessories or dressed down with nice sneakers. Anything goes with a well designed piece like this. However, it isn’t like any other shirt dress I have seen before.

Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Rust Shirt Dress
Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Pair

Details of the Matter

Most shirt dresses always need something to taper in around the waist. Typically a belt would serve this purpose but that can produce awkward bunching of material. With Saaksha x Kinni, everything is felt tailored just to perfection. What makes the difference between apparel is where do they place their sewing lines. What corners were cut, what extra pieces were added in or darts placed to give you that perfectly hugged shape?

The tiny details matter as they show the extra effort placed into each piece. In this shirt dress I found extra fabric in the front, giving a little of that tucked look. Darts were also placed all along the waistline and back, creating a cinched effect and pleated design. The sleeves fell perfect along my arms and the collar didn’t bunch or bend in odd positions. The lining also hid their “Quad” patterning and all seams were tucked in and sewed without revealing the stitches.

Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Jumpsuit
Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Bustier and Sari Dress

The Final Effect

The quality is undeniable as is the beauty of the piece itself. Saaksha x Kinni garments grabs the eye and allure you into another world. Their pieces stand out with a dream like flair that others have not seen before. And as is warmth from the amber glows of light within a bar, perhaps each will bring you the magic that awaits the unknown of a changing season.

Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Long Dress
Saaksha x Kinni Luxe Boho Quad Collection Dress Print

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