Maggie’s Bowtique Brings Flirty, Girly Styling Back

For the last couple years, we’ve seen the fashion industry gravitate towards modern style and frankly, I’m over it. Black, white, brown / black, white, brown. I don’t think I am the first to admit that the retail industry has needed a lively twist now for a very long time. Well, that’s Maggie’s Bowtique.

The online boutique is for the it-girl, not the one who has a staple wardrobe. Someone who makes every day a fashion show – which is exactly what I thought when I met the founder, Maggie Duhig.

While pursuing a degree in Fashion Merchandising, the 22-year-old founder discovered her love for fashion when working at a boutique in Fort Lauderdale, FLA. Soon after starting, she found a passion in empowering women to feel confident and chic in every aspect of their lives. I am honored to say I was one of them.

Before meeting Duhig, shopping wasn’t my favorite activity. It was a dreadful process and I would much rather buy a couple things, try them on at home, see what works, and return the rest. When I walked in the store on Las Olas Boulevard, I left all my insecurities at the door as Duhig welcomed me as if she’d known me for years. After many visits to the boutique, shopping became an experience that I couldn’t get enough of and actually enjoyed. Duhig makes everyone feel as though they’re shopping with a best friends who knows fashion.

I’ve met a lot of people in the fashion industry but I’ve never met someone with an eye for styling as creative as Duhig. She guides each client to understand their color palette and the silhouettes that help compliment their features. She has helped so many women create a personalized wardrobe, including me, that makes them feel confident. This was her motivation for opening Maggie’s Bowtique.

Duhig has finally brought this unique, pleasurable experience to customers outside of South Florida with her online boutique. She curated a selection of clothing that is true to the style she embodies. It’s no wonder that each piece compliments the next. As you browse the website, you witness a collection that enables everyone to embrace their feminine side. When I first looked at the selection, it immediately made me think of the soft girl era. The silhouettes are what you picture wearing when you’re reading a book in a park or roaming the streets of a European city. Truthfully, I hadn’t considered that fashion could transport you into a memory or a desired location, but Maggie’s Bowtique completely changed my mindset.

The collection is hand-picked by Duhig, with a focus on detail and craftsmanship. Amongst the versatile collection, you can find an outfit for any occasion, be it a chic set for a brunch in the Hamptons, the Hadley Set, or a romantic dress for your next Italian getaway, Kathrine Printed Midi Dress.

After browsing the site and instantly becoming obsessed with a statement-making piece, you’ll see each is uniquely named. Duhig explained her meticulous thought process behind finding suitable titles.

“It’s not just a piece, it’s a personality,” Duhig started. “When the piece arrives, I visualize the person that I can envision wearing it. Once the name comes to me, I write each piece on a board and underneath, I write attributes to their personality.”

The founder also opened up about how important it is for her brand to reflect her beliefs. Her collection is modeled by South Florida locals of varying body types, proving that every piece speaks for itself and compliments several figures.

Maggie’s Bowtique has created a unique space that allows women to genuinely enjoy every part of the shopping experience. As she continues to expand the collection, Duhig plans to imbue the boutique project with the same individuality and enthusiasm she demonstrated when first starting out in the industry.

“I’m not just selling clothes, this company is a reflection of me. Maggie’s Bowtique is a passion of mine and I want that to show through everything that comes through the brand.”

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