Mediterra Jewelry for Summer Sophistication

I love the Mediterra founder’s ethos, which is “The Mediterra wearer has a story. Inspired by the balance between masculine and feminine, they have a timeless style that reflects the edge of the Mediterranean coastline. They are someone who is resilient and gritty, elegant yet effortless. Inspired by time in nature and a lifestyle full of small pleasures.”

True to her vision, Caroline Fermoselle creates designs that are timeless and yet modern, high quality and sophisticated – yet effortlessly casual for summer.

Her Taranto hoops are an ideal jewelry staple because they can be donned for work, pool lounging, weddings, or coffee meetings. Fermoselle has wide selection of different types of hoops on her website, ranging from small to large and delicate to chunky.

Caroline Fermoselle’s creations are hypoallergenic and waterproof, designed specifically for delicate, sensitive skin and encompass studs, hoops, and statement jewelry.

Delve into the naturally beautiful style of the rustic Mediterranean coast and support small, women-owned business! Mediterra’s 2024 summer collection, called Creatura, can be found on Receive 15% off with this special promo code for Beauty News NYC: 15% off = BEAUTYNYC .

Here are just a few of the elegant Mediterra styles:

Taranto Hoops (above)

Waterproof jewelry

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