Menswear at Runway 7 for NYFW Fall/Winter 2023

Model walks for Perry Jones at Sony Hall with Runway 7 NYFW FW2023

Hybrid fashion production house and fashion show producer Runway 7 showcased a collection of emerging and established designers to present their latest and greatest for Fall/Winter 2023 fashion. Their shows run in parallel to New York Fashion Week and with big names like Naeem Khan, Stephen Goudeau, Barbara Hulaniki and Susanne Bartsch, you know a three day fashion event from Runway 7 is going to be good.

This past NYFW for Fall and Winter Fashion 2023, the selections were even greater than last time with a whopping 45+ designers. Runway 7 has definitely upped the game this year with the latest in teen and young adult fashion, swimwear, evening wear, street fashion, emerging designers to keep your eye on, and all with their core focus on philanthropy and giving back.

Perry Jones

Perry Jones started the evening set with a selection of menswear attire. Created by William Perry Jones II, an established designer and stylist, the collection featured a gorgeous variation of luxury suits. Satin and velvet suits made appearances in a variation of colors including deep blue, burgundy and forest green. The collection also showed jackets with a floral and jacquard patterning.

Designer Perry Jones II also likes to give back to charity. He’s partnered with the Epilepsy Foundation, schools, and donated to Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

The Shortii

The Shortti tie is the first of its kind. Patented and designed by Carlton Franklin, the tie is a modern statement piece that combines the aesthetics of a traditional tie, bowtie and a neck piece. It presents the perfect symmetrical handling of negative space for a neck accessory.

Their showcase featured their classic tie paired with a evening satin look as well as patterned adding sophistication to something a little less formal. All looks came out incredibly sharp and accentuated the unique shape of the Shortti tie perfectly.

Jose Raul

Puerto Rican designer Jose Raul returns to us from last fall at Runway 7. This season he came to the runway with a brand new set of romantic styled menswear.

Instead of the traditional masculine look and usage of dark colors, Raul opted for the usage of whites, light blues and sheer fabrics. The collection also featured neck bows, bishop sleeves and lace pants. Raul’s latest collection was delightfully refreshing to witness.

The showcases of the weekend could not have happened without a huge backing to support it all. From the amazing selection of models from Famous Talent Management, the official makeup artist AMA , the official hair team Rogue House and the official model glam location Sicily Osteria. You also cannot have a production without food and water which was taken care of by catering partners Greek Eats and Ess-a-Bagel  and hydration sponsor RX Water. Lastly, NYFW is about enjoying fashion in a party environment, which means you need a place to stay and a place to party. INNSIDE New York Nomad was the official Runway 7 NYC Hotel Partner and Me Cabo was the official vacation hotel partner. Nightclub venue MUSICA was the official after party partner and model casting venue for Runway 7.

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