Músed For Humankind: Sound Baths, Free Spirited Children, Gender Expression at Músed AW18

Designers who don’t ascribe to the traditional boundaries of New York Fashion Week tend to walk to the beat of their own drum. In the case of Músed by Lindsay Jones, it was a large gong’s clear ring through a very business-as-usual and active afternoon at Chelsea Piers’ Fitness Center that signaled the start of the show. Before the models walked a traditional indoor track situated in front of a boxing ring, the occupants of the turnbuckle were essentially performing a psychic sound bath, treating the bleacherfulls of editors, brightly haired influencers, and unique personalities to a sound wave experience intended to clear the air and prepare the space for the walking art of Músed.

Músed’s presentation was a gender diverse melange of characters to represent the unique styles of the clothing. Sheer styles including fully sheer fronts and open jackets with visible breasts aren’t just for shock value— expressing the beauty of the human body is the very point of creating artistic clothing to begin with. Sporty and feminine styles completely took each other over, until there was no more line between them.

The best look was a structured, sheer, floor length dress with two swirling stormy purple and grey tones over some very vibrant indigo pants. The layered effect was stunning and arresting all at once, playing with every margin those clothes typically populate.

Produced by Courtney Daniels and sponsored by Quantum , Chandon, and cannabis adjacent companies like KushKards and CannaSmack, this wasn’t your average display of ‘brand synergy’ with designers and corporations. Jones’ vision is supported by brands that make her (and the world) happy, not just anyone who wants to throw cash at a runway. This is why the show was truly unique for a very rigid environment like NYFW.

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