My Everyday Shoe for a Summer of Love

It’s the season for summertime vibes with picnics in the park, the color blue, Famolare’s Knot So Fast shoes. The quintessential platform sandal for walking through nature and hitting up brunch with the girls, which is perfect since Famolare is a 100% woman-owned company. Victoria Staten, president and CEO of the company, uses her brand as a way to advocate for peace, civil rights, the environment, and women’s worker rights. If the ethos and cute designs of the shoes don’t convince you to snag a pair, here’s my review of Knot So Fast:

Knot So Fast, and all heeled Famolare shoes are created with an eye-catching wavy sole that helps you walk with ease. The wavy sole can defuse the shock in four easy steps. The first wave goes to the heel and ankle, second to the arch, third rolls you forward and the fourth pushes you off. I’m able to move quickly to catch the bus or subway without worrying about a sprained ankle. The cute style goes with literally everything, from my hippie dresses and short skirt to bell bottom jeans and crop tops. Famolare offers 10% off when you subscribe to their email code and you can enter to win a pair of their shoes (go for the Knot So Fast, it’s so worth it!)