New Year, New Look, New Life

We are a month into the New Year and the resolutions may have already fallen by the wayside. Not to worry, there are a few accessories that will set you in the right direction and onto a peaceful path through 2016!

Jet Set Candy
Set your mind and body in motion and ready for travel! These amazing charms when worn are a daily reminder that yes, you are from NYC and that you may need to bolt to one of our fabulous airports pronto, when the city becomes a bit too frozen. A sandy paradise is waiting!
The Spinner charm reminds you of all the amazing places you have at your disposal if, you lack vacation days or your pocket book is feeling a little empty and you need to resort to a staycation.




Shades Club
It’s been unseasonably sunny these past couple weeks which does make you long for summer but also shouts out the need for sunglasses. Much like the gym membership you are hopefully using, the Shades Club is a monthly subscription that sends a new pair of sunglasses to you every month! There is also a few other options that require less time if you don’t feel so bright this season.
Price varies on 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year subscriptions

Wraps Headphones
Constantly losing your headphones? I have a few friends like that…I won’t mention any names. Wraps looks like a bracelet, very stylish and eliminates the music-less train ride you will experience all the way home when you realized that you left your earphones at Starbucks.
Price varies on style chosen

Love 41 Umuragi Legacy bag
Looking for a legacy, not just for you but for someone else this year? Love 41 has designed this amazing riveted bag (extra durable) and made of vegetable tanned full grain leather. Umaragi means legacy and this prized purse is designed so well, that it is destine for your family’s future fashionistas! 100% of the profits from this bag and other items in the collection go towards supporting the work of Africa New Life Ministries, to help those whose lives had been torn apart by genocide. The name of the brand comes from the word Love and the Bible verse Psalm 41:1-3. For more information and the full story, log onto the website below.

Forgetfulness is not always a sign of age, but may be a sign of being overwhelmed. One thing that you don’t want to lose or forget is your glasses. Whether it is the prescription glasses that were way too much of a hassle to obtain or the overpriced department store sunglasses that cost half of your paycheck; neither is something you want to lose sight of! Bola has created a necklace that actually looks like your could wear it alone as a fashion piece, but it’s made to grip your glasses-keeping them right where they belong, with you.

Swell Caroline
It’s the beginning of the year and sometimes you just need a boost, a new you, a new way of defining and designing who you are. Swell Caroline boldly brands these and other key accessory pieces with your monogrammed initials. If you would rather, forgo engraving and permit these designs to be a sophisticated style statement to compliment any garment.
Name Plate $92.00
Monogrammed Cigar Band Ring $64.00

Traveling to and from work sometimes is the moment where you want to get a few things in…a little mediation time on the train with just you and your music, a good book or game on your phone. Others might want to get in a bit of a workout. You’ve heard of ankle weights that people wear when walking…don’t your arms deserve the same advantage? SkinnyMe has designed a way to make fitness fashionable while making your arms trim and toned!
$34.99 per pair, each bangle weighs a ½ pound

My Make Up Brushes
For the city girl on the go, a collection of custom made make up brushes with your name displayed in the design is a necessity. Urgent primping is priceless!
Price varies on set chosen

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