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For six years New York Fashion Week’s, The Nolcha Shows, have given independent fashion designers mass market eyes on coveted runways as breeding grounds for new lords of fashion. Showcased at Pier 59 studios this year, visions were globally culled to walk among talents with a New York state of mind. With selfies galore, attendees had their model faces on and Twitter weapons poised, as the whole room cackled with fashion ferocity for Spring and Summer collections.


First on the line-up was Charles and Ron, a Maltese based designer-duo and its third time on Nolcha’s catwalk. Charles and Ron’s natively influenced inspiration wears all over the label’s collection. In other words, Mediterranean chic, as butter yellows, sky blues, and nightfall blacks are arranged within geometric patterns on silhouette, silk-satin, and viscose crepe dresses. Idiosyncratic graphic prints inspired by Maltese ecosystems and village tableaux walked side by side with Charles and Ron’s handcrafted leather bags. The entire line spoke of Picasso but reincarnated on a dress.



Next up was Planet Zero Motorsports, a New York City based label with a passion for motorcycle culture. Think, NASA meets The Punisher made for the gothic road warrior braced for the street odyssey. Leather jackets, pants, and accouterments and Rammstein roared over the runway as Planet Zero introduces itself as a trailblazer in fashion consciousness.



Jungwon, a Parson’s fashion school product and New York-hewn talent, has fused fashion with functionality inspired by the sometimes tempestuous east coast weather. Thus, Jungwon created a durable windbreaker that doubles as a fashion accessory. The androgynous design is slimming and double breasted with classic but versatile beige, black, and blue colors. The jackets are breathable, waterproof, and windproof, but they carry themselves like high-end street wear secretly New York tough.

Visit: http://JUNGWONNY.COM.


Anya Leisnik, a Ukrainian born but Germany based designer, introduced a striking lineup with contoured, sequin dresses and skirts that lit up the runway with iridescent colors. Exotic green and blue color palettes dominated the spring and summer collection. Wrap and shirtdresses with mini-dress hemlines commingled with the other intonations. Anya says her inspiration comes from the silver screen feminine personas and the magnetic and individualist tenors they exude, a muse, which is certainly evident in each dress’ singularity.



Global Citizen, the international NGO, is cleverly fighting poverty with fashion. Self-promoted as “festival chic,” the line’s casual and retro designs are informal urban couture for the socially conscious and fashion minded.


A model walks the runway during Nolcha Shows During New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 Collections NYFW - Acid NYC at Pier 59 on September 13, 2015 in New York City.

Acid NYC is another fashion statement born and raised in New York. The creators, Evelyn Luna and Scott Chester’s industrial design remnants are evident in the collection’s abstract graphic prints motif. Silhouette dresses rock it with rad leggings and tops, all urban fierce with wild printing and varied geometric line art with sexy accessories to boot. Dress styles ran the entire gamut, as this collection was one the most varied.


A model walks the runway at Nolcha Shows During New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 Collections NYFW - Intrepid By Aoc at Pier 59 on September 13, 2015 in New York City.

Intrepid by AO’C is yet another New York City fashion child with a collection ranging in mini-dresses to ornate evening gowns with a classic sensibility. The campaign’s classic intrigue was primarily dominated by solid colors and sexy contoured dresses with an occasional abstract printed top. The evening gowns, especially in white, were the real camera teases with ornate embroidery, very mythological and fairy-tale like fit for the urban sophisticate.


a model walks the runway during Nolcha Shows During New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 Collections NYFW - Danny Nguyen Couture at Pier 59 on September 13, 2015 in New York City.

Danny Nguyen Couture capped off the affair with striking poses and high-octane personality. The vibrant evening dress line was conceived with a wild intuition with intricate textured layers and exotic patterns, which seem to have been inspired by nature—namely, peacock tails, snakeskin, and floral designs. But each dress also had a wink of Goth paired with innocence. Danny was incubated in fashion predating his footsteps in America influenced by Parisian haute couture houses and custodial duties for his mother’s alteration business.


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