Noteworthy & Knotted

Knotted Words luxury silk scarves make a perfectly-personal gift for the special women in your life

It all started with a fortune cookie for Knotted Words founder Samia Francis. On a trip to NYC for her birthday one year, she remembers opening up a fortune cookie with a special message of growing wiser with age. That moment and memory is the catalyst for Knotted Words scarves. “Like my fortune cookie, I wanted to recreate that emotional connection with deep, poetic messages that resound and bring positivity into a woman’s life,” Francis says. With a background in industrial design, the Colombian-born entrepreneur made it her mission to spread that same joy that she felt during that birthday celebration; and give other women that same joy as they opened the box that held their scarves.

The keepsake scarves are made from 100% mulberry silk, one of the world’s most natural fibers. The scarves are double-sided, with a decorative motif on one side and a special message inscribed on the other side. The messages are exclusively written for Knotted Words. The scarves are made by a small atelier that is family-owned, ensuring that each scarf is made specially with the highest quality materials and attention.

Knotted Words scarves are the perfect gift for any woman who deserves to be pampered with a little extra love and attention. Special scarves for special loved ones? What’s KNOT to love about that?