Noteworthy Nuptials: Spring/Summer 2016 Bridal Accessories Guide


As I look forward to becoming a bride myself this year, I focus on the daunting task of marrying timeless tradition with my fashionable flair for unique accessories. Here are a few twists to the traditional look so the bride’s style does not fall under matrimonial mundane.

David’s Bridal Diagonal Rhinestone Sash- #S9110
This piece is can be used in a variety of ways for added sparkle and style. I find it optimal as a heroic headband but can also be used to compliment a plain dress when cinched at the waist.
Price: $74.95
Available at

David’s Bridal Crystal Tiara with Pear Shaped Center – #135503HB
For the bride who wants princess poise, this is the crown!
Price: $39.95
Available at

David’s Bridal Small Crystal Goddess Headband – #424341HW001
Maybe you’re ideal look is more of a Bohemian bride…
Price: $12.95
Available at

David’s Bridal- Stretch Lace Garter with Pearl Beaded Appliqué – #DB91527BG
When looking for classic bridal blue, this garter does the trick. The garter is created with a luxurious lace and is appropriately accented with polished pearls.
Price: $14.95
Available at

David’s Bridal- Brooklyn Rhinestone Garter with Pearls – #GTRBRKLYN
If bridal brilliance is your theme, then this garter is sure to garner spectacular sparkle that compliments your glitzy gown!
Price: $49.95
Available at

Icing- Thin Silver and Rhinestone Choker Necklace – #39971
Suitable and sweet, the necklace gives a hint of shimmer right at the neckline- the classiest of chokers.
Price: $10.15
Available at

Icing- Rhinestone Fringe Choker Necklace – #81376
The fringe choker was created for the sweetheart neckline type dress. It captivates attention as the rhinestones cascade over the delicate décolleté.
Price: $13.65
Available at

Brett Lauren- Chalcedony Bead Bracelet
Something borrowed something blue. Every bride needs the traditional blue element in place. Most hide it under the dress or on the shoe but with these beautiful beads, you’ll want them lining your wrist for all to see!
Price: $92.00
Available at

Pretty Attitude-White Wedding Bracelet
When frilly and feminine is your focus, there is nothing more dainty then pearls and lace. This sexy bracelet adds an enchanting edge to the bride’s exquisite ensemble.
Price: $24.90
Available at

Camilla Christine- BIJOU EARRING- SILVER
Earrings with elegance…and maybe a touch of glamour and glitz!
Price: $88.00

Available at:

Amour Collection-750084471
This impeccable ear wear set radiates a refined tinge of twinkle and light blue.
Price: $59.95
Available at

Contemporary yet classic, this style features stunning pearls and delicate yet dazzling rhinestones.
Price $29.00
Available at

Icing-Graduated Cubic Zirconia Square Vintage Set Stud Earrings Set of 3
Your overall style may be better stated as subtle; just a graceful gleam to your look is far more fetching. Simple but sophisticated.
Price: $11.55
Available at

Icing-Crystal Marquis Drop Earrings
Adorn your ears with star-studded trimmings and movie star style.
Price: $10.15
Available at

Matrimonial Must Haves:
Talaria Flats- Premium Silver Flats
It’s time to dance and your sick of your heels. Going barefoot, not this bride! Your footwear can still be sleek and sexy-it’s your day, you make the rules!
Price: $38.00
Available at

David’s Bridal- I Do stickers-#DBKIDOE
You have hunted and searched and nothing blue works well with your gown. The I Do stickers are cleverly concealed, without breaking the tradition!
Price: $7.95
Available at

LuMee Case
This is THE DAY for your première selfie! The LuMee is the lighting department for your runway. The lights that line your cell phone enable each image to be perfect, even if it’s dim or dark in your reception hall.
Price: $49.95-59.95 depending on phone model
Available at

Lulu’s – Fond of Sweets Silver and Pink Glitter Clutch
If your theme is princess (mine is) then flash fashion is your signature. Purse can be used for wedding day or bachelorette party.
Price: $36.00
Available at

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