NYFW SS/2016: Betsey Johnson‘s 50th Anniversary Backstage Party Rocked

Photo by Alexandra Wyman

No one throws a backstage party quite like Betsey Johnson. After 50 years designing fashions Betsey Johnson deserved to rock it out, and she did. There were balloons, a DJ, candy galore, cupcakes and champagne. Dancing went on sporadically, and the mood was upbeat despite the frenzy of preparing for the show. Oh yes, one could easily forget that there was a show, and a big one at that. Johnson’s collection was inspired by the decades during which she has designed clothes, and the hair, makeup and nails for the collection were no small undertaking. The collection consisted of three looks: Johnson’s current designs, designs inspired from the 1980s and designs from Johnson’s punk rock era in the 1960s and 1970s.

Photos by Susan Romero

The three looks for the hair were created by Rafe Hardy, Lead Hair Stylist and Creative Director of Sexy Hair. Lead Makeup Artist, Kelly Hanna Thompson for Kryolan designed the three makeup looks and Danielle Candido, Lead Manicurist for Morgan Taylor, created the nail designs.

Photo by Alexandra Wyman

The first hairstyle was designed to capture Johnson’s more current fashions, and had glamorous, movie star waves. The glam look was prepped with light sprays of Style Sexy Hair 450 Protect, followed by a 1-inch curling wand to create sections of curls. Then the hair was sprayed with Style Sexy Hair 450 Headset and wrapped and pinned to set the curls. To create the big hair look the curls were brushed out, lifted and spread to add width. Then Hardy applied either Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo or Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable. The final touch was Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play.

Lead Makeup Artist, Kelly Hanna Thompson, explained that the makeup for the glam look featured an entirely black eyelid using Kryolan Eye Shadow Variety Palette in V3. Multi Gel Glitter in Gold and two layers of faux eyelashes completed the eyes. The lips were a bright red, Lipstick Matte in Eos with Multi Gel Glitter in Red.

Photo by Susan Romero

The second hairstyle was inspired by the 1980s, with crimped hair and straight roots. Hardy created straight roots and crimps all the way down, using two different micro crimpers for a zigzag effect. First, Hardy used a large crimper on ¼ inch sections and applied Healthy Sexy Hair Soya Want Flat Hair. Hardy alternated between the large and small sized crimpers throughout the hair. He finished off the hair using Big Sexy Hair Pushup.

Photos by Susan Romero

The makeup for the crimped hair look included an actual rainbow of colors around the eyes. Thompson used Kryolan Colouring Vision Palette in Vivid to create a rainbow around the eyelids and out onto the side of the head. Lips were bright hot pink with Lipstick Matt in Nike.

Photo by Susan Romero

The final look captured Johnson’s punk rock era in the 1960s and 1970s, and the hair channeled Debbie Harry, “Blondie,” with a big up-do style. Hardy created this intricate style using multiple steps and products, all of which culminated in a simple looking style that was anything but that. Although intricate, the basis of the look was a French twist that anyone can achieve using the right products. Hardy used Big Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay for shine and hold, and Style Sexy Hair Play Dirty to add shine and to tame any stray strands.

Photo By Susan Romero

To complement this punk rock hairstyle, Thompson used Kryolan Illusion Palette to create a white eyelid with a deep black crease. Lips were glossed over in silver with High Gloss Pearl to create a brilliant shine.

The nails, designed by Lead Manicurist, Danielle Candido for Morgan Taylor, did not disappoint. They were works of art in themselves and perfectly complemented the three looks in the collection. There was red glitter for the glam look, a psychedelic swirl of color for the 1970s punk rock look and zigzag, black, white and silver for the 1980s.

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