Pacas: Comfy & Relaxing

With a mission to make the world a cozier place, the Pacas brand produces clothing from the planet’s most versatile fiber while giving back to animals and communities who need support the most. The Alpaca Lined Moccasin Slippers are the quintessential cozy slippers because you will feel like you are walking on clouds as soon as you put them on.

This extraordinary footwear is made from alpaca fleece which is thermoregulating and moisture-wicking. This means they will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You literally get the best of both worlds in one shoe! Just like sheep, alpacas do not naturally molt or lose their coat. Therefore, it is crucial that they be sheared to increase their comfort levels and lower their risk of heat stroke during the hotter months. Basically, by purchasing this slipper you are helping the alpacas live a longer and happier life.

You can wear the Moccasin Slippers indoors or outdoors and there is even an extra plush lining for added comfort and rubber soles for traction. If spending hours in the car is part of your work commute, the Pacas brand is ideal for you. Available in colors Fog Grey and Caramel, when it comes to slippers, nothing beats a chic style combined with the ultimate relief.

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