Pop-Up Alert | Gobi Cashmere x Showfields Residency

Gobi Cashmere Showfields Pop Up Residency

Gobi Cashmere, the premium cashmere apparel brand, has finally made its way into New York City in a gallant pop-up located in Showfields, a curated 4-story experimental retail space designed to connect online stores with the brick-and-mortar experience.

Gobi Cashmere started its 6-month residency this past September and since then has seen an immensely positive response from the public. The brand is centered upon sustainable and ethically sourced Mongolian Cashmere.

Gobi Cashmere Showfields Pop Up Residency

Cashmere is a textile of wondrous value, with its soft fibers providing the best warmth and insulation while maintaining an almost luscious feel. Anyone who has touched real cashmere knows what that is (and if you haven’t, please go have this amazing experience).

Cashmere has been a fashion staple in wardrobes for decades for a reason. The material yields long lasting pieces ( as long as you take care of it ) that are naturally sourced, incredibly warm and amazingly soft.

For those who don’t know there is a bit of controversy in the cashmere world today. Accessing real cashmere can be confusing as companies have blended cashmere with bleached adulterated fibers (such as merino wool).

Blending different fibers in textiles requires precise application and quality control otherwise you can get unraveling or other issues with lower quality products. For the price of most cashmere products out there this is obviously an issue.

Gobi Cashmere combats this by using traceable cashmere. They also work with local herders to ensure tradition and ethical habits such as hand-combing are being upheld in the industry as well as only manufacture in their Gobi Factory. This allows for quality control and removing the middle man, which is how the savings gets brought to you – the consumer.

Gobi Cashmere Showfields Pop Up Residency

It is quite exciting to have them in NYC, and we believe the feeling is mutual. When asked about the new pop up, Unenbat Chuluunbat, the Chief E-Commerce Officer of GOBI Cashmere’s for the US and Europe said:

“Our pop-up store at Showfields showcases a unique assortment of ethically sourced and premium cashmere collections, complemented by generous discounts and gifts. We believe the coziness, comfort, and joy of 100% Mongolian cashmere should be available to everyone, and Showfields is the perfect place to deliver our brand.”

Gobi Cashmere Showfields Pop Up Residency
Gobi Cashmere Showfields Pop Up Residency

Accessibility, sustainability and ethics with are all within a capsulized experience with a quality, and potentially life-long piece. Looking for gifts or holiday wardrobe upgrades this season? Whether exploring the cashmere offerings for yourself or someone else, make sure to take a gander in the beautiful Showfields venue to experience Gobi Cashmere for yourself.

Visit them at:

11 Bond St.

New York, NY 10012

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