Protect Your Winter Wool from Moths with EarthKind

EarthKind Stay Away Moths is the perfect name for this product, which naturally repels moths so you can preserve your wool clothing without the weird smell of moth balls or the hit-or-miss of cedar alone. EarthKind contains cedarwood, geranium oils and geranoil to repel moths with natural essential oils rather than with harmful chemicals. The oils are paired in a pouch with farm-grown flax, beets and sunflower hulls. You can also purchase a small Pouch Pod with a clip-able hanger for slow release in closets or within drawers that also works well if you have curious little ones or pets who may discover the pouch. This Pouch Pod is also made with biomaterial, and extends the life of the pouch 3x.

EarthKind also has Stay Away Mosquitoes (picaridin), Ants and Cockroaches (lemongrass, peppermint, thyme), Spiders (rosemary, lemongrass, citronella), and a botanical rodent repellent too (balsam fir oil).

This is a US-based, woman-owned company that is rated #1 in pest prevention since 2007. And these products are plant-based and guaranteed effective or you’ll have your money returned: a win-win! Find these products HERE.