Q&A with Alejandro Chahin, CEO of Mott & Bow

Q&A with Alejandro Chahin Mott & Bow CEO, Alejandro Chahin

I have been a happy customer of Mott & Bow for so long now, that their HIGH RISE SKINNY ORCHARD jeans remain a staple in my closet. So I had a vested interest in picking the brain of the Mott & Bow CEO himself, Alejandro Chahin, on upcoming launches, the company’s mission, and more!

Q&A with Alejandro Chahin

Tell me about Mott & Bow’s new lightweight slub cotton t-shirts, the Classic Crew Slub Tee, and the Relaxed Slub Tank Tee.

Alejandro: Two of our latest launches this Summer were the Relaxed Slub Tank Tee and the Classic Crew Slub Tee, both made from 100% Peruvian Slub cotton. The slub cotton uses the reverse side of the fabric for added texture which makes it take on a different color than the rest of the yarns, creating a feathering effect. These are also super lightweight for the Summer heat and stretchier than your regular fabric.

Q&A with Alejandro Chahin

What sets the Marcy Tee apart from other women’s tees in terms of design, comfort, and quality? 

Alejandro: The Marcy tee stands out due to its flattering shape for any body type. Our customers often describe it as the perfect “figure-flattering t-shirt”. They love that it’s a silky soft tee that you can basically wear all year round.

Q&A with Alejandro Chahin

How have customers responded to Mott & Bow’s mission of delivering premium jeans at a reasonable price? And what challenges did you face in reshaping the price-to-quality paradigm? 

Alejandro: We have gained market share because of this. The challenge was getting customers to trust our quality without physically seeing it.

How do you ensure the highest level of quality and attention to detail in your jeans? 

Alejandro: In-process audits ensure quality. Our customers benefit because we control the product from beginning to end and don’t try to cut corners.

Q&A with Alejandro Chahin

Are there any upcoming product launches or innovations that we can look forward to? 

Alejandro: We’ll expand our catalog with new fabrics based on customer preferences.

Learn more about Mott & Bow HERE.

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