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So we’re full-grown women, professionals and perhaps mothers. Educated, affluent and stylish, our body types may baffle us when it comes to wardrobe choices. As beauty comes in all forms, the female shape is gorgeously unique, and we certainly aim to dress in perfect fashion, or hope to.

This reporter had the distinct pleasure to interview Style Expert Jacqui Stafford for advice on how to outfit a specific damsel in distress: The Skinny Mini who is not ample on top or bottom, has no coveted Lamborghini curves, and in search of the right look. She doesn’t want to hoard her daughter’s closet, wander into the Juniors department, or compete with teenagers.

Enter our good friend Jacqui to the rescue!

Jacqui is an affable pro always working on exciting style and fashion projects. Most current,she is the style spokesperson for Slim-Fast and will be styling winners for The Oscar’s red carpet. She is also the style spokesperson for Bali Bras, and the author of the upcoming style book “The WOW! FACTOR”, to be published by Penguin. She is a personal stylist too.

1. What clothing investments should a Skinny Mini make?
Invest in a fabulous fitting pair of jeans. Flat-fronted, dark wash, slight boot-cut is the universally most flattering cut for this body type. Also, an exquisitely tailored jacket (to wear with work look and also jeans at weekends).

2. What accessories investments should she make?
A bold statement necklace, structured tote with classic hardware, and a fitted trench coat.

3. What should she toss from her closet? Items to avoid and never wear again!
Baby-doll sundress, crop tops, halter tops, high-waisted pants, midriff-baring tops, low-rise jeans, pastel colors, sneakers, ultra-short shorts.

4. Any good stores or designers for small framed, average height women, you’d recommend?
Department stores with great junior sections: Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Saks, Lord & Taylor.

6. Who is a diminutive celeb who gets her look right? Why?
Kristin Chenoweth, (She’s 4’11 and 92 pounds!) on the red carpet. She often wears sophisticated, structured, SOLID colored dresses.

Photo courtesy Zimbio.com

Stick to these style rules…
– Dress in one color for a longer and leaner look.
– Show off your legs in just above the knee, no shorter.
– Avoid oversized handbags so as not to overwhelm a smaller frame.
– Look for V-necks; they instantly create the illusion of height.
– Embrace the junior departments: Pick the sophisticated silhouettes, like blazers, jeans, and cashmere sweaters.
– Avoid styles with heavy embellishment, logo, sparkle and overuse of sequins!

For details on Jacqui, visit http://www.jacquistafford.com and her blog at jacquistafford.tumblr.com/.

Now to revamp my walk-in closet and venture into the Juniors department. Got the OK from Jacqui.

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