Recycled Tires Make The Cutest Shoes

Shoes are optional when summer comes around. Days at the beach or lake and you find yourself barefoot and just completely blissed out. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, more realistically, you’ll have to head back to land to grab dinner or walk around the boardwalk. That’s when you slip on Indosole, the shoes that show off your style made from recycled tire materials.

I’ve been sporting two styles, for two different looks and moods”

For water days or running errands in coastal towns, I slip into Women’s Slide Sneaker Sole. The traditional slide style but ultra cushioned and comfortable. The strap around the top of the sandal keeps my foot snug and secure. Great for communal showering or long car rides when you just want your feet to be free.

If I’m channeling my inner 90’s trend vibe, I kickback with the Women’s Flip Flop Platform. Sky high and positively adorable, these platforms capture the attention of all. As someone who struggles in heels, these platforms are easy breezy to walk around in and go biking by the sea.

Indosole is made for summertime festivities and this summer they will be on my feet all the time. Shop here and enjoy your summer happiness.