Red Carpet Makeover: Celeb Gowns Now Even Better!

Color was absolutely the new black throughout this entire awards season! Some of our faves included Alicia Keyes in emerald green, Regina King in pure white, Jennifer Hudson in true red and Angela Bassett, my most fave of the faves, in fuchsia.

All these shining stars, knowingly or not, wore hues that worked with their individual hair color. When choosing your best shades for fashion and beauty, the color of your hair rules the day. Think of your hair as the frame for your face that enhances, or detracts, from your eyes and your smile. Incorporating its hue into all your color choices for fashion is one of the biggest secrets to looking your most beautiful.

So we thought we’d do some color swapping, via the magic of photoshop, and offer up new and improved color choices for these stellar celebs!

Amy Adams in Versace
The fit of this dress on Amy Adams at the Academy Awards is beyond perfection. But the white with the silver embellishment is way too cool (color-wise) for this beautiful redhead. By morphing it into a golden tone, the gown compliments her skin tone, adds vibrancy to her hair and has the focus going up to her face.

Charlize Theron in Dior
The beauty that is Charlize Theron brought a deep brunette bob to Oscar’s red carpet. And though we’re crushing on the style and fit of her gown, we’re not feeling the dusty blue hue with her new hair color and think it’s not enough to support the high contrast between her skin tone & dark hair. We suggest this midnight blue which balances out the high contrast of her fair skin and dark locks and pulls our attention to her gorgeous features.

Meghan Trainor in Christian Siriano
We’re thinking that the beautiful deep honey blonde hair color that Meghan Trainor rocked at the Grammy’s is so much more in sync with the celadon green instead of the stark white. This green brings out her eyes, skin tone and all her warm highlights. Gorgeous!

Gemma Chan in Valentino Haute Couture
Gemma Chan has totally brought it this entire award season. And though we love this fabulous style that she wore to the Golden Globes, the teal (which is a go-to color for redheads) is a bit heavy with her deep brunette hair and she sinks down into the color. We recolored her gown into a clear bright deep purple hue and bam! It immediately enhances her skin tone, and draws the attention up to her exquisite face.

What do you think of my color swap picks? What was your most favorite gown? Least favorite?

Jill Kirsh is a color coach and Hollywood’s Guru of Hue. She was named Best Color Consultant by Los Angeles magazine and is frequently called upon by Red Carpet celebs, Grammy winning musicians and titans of business for color coaching. In addition to demonstrating her color magic on numerous TV shows, Jill’s unique system for fashion and beauty has been featured several times in BeautyNewsNYC, InStyle, Life & Style Weekly, Inc magazine and E!News Online. Additionally, Jill has worked with many community outreach groups including Dress for Success, The Fulfillment Fund, The Cinderella Project and Beauty Bus. Get her swatch book of your best colors on Amazon or her website,

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Jill Kurth is the best!


Jill Kurth is the best!

Meli Alexander

Those new color choices make such a difference (especially with Charlize Theron)!!! On the red carpet, you need to sparkle & pop :)

Debbie Aitken

I love all of these color changes on these stars! The Charlize transformation was so impressive. I am amazed at how these color changes totally turn each from beautiful to WOW!

Rachel Black

My favorite and most surprising comparison gown is Gemma Chan! Wow! What a knock out! She is stunning in the blue but then the violet gown just takes her beauty and the look over the top!

Deb Schrock

This is amazing! I have experienced this myself and it is really true! You get the perfect color for you and the eyes just go up to the face. More people should take heed of this, especially on the red carpet!!

Barbara Wade

Jill, as always, is spot on!! If you want to “pop”and stand out on the red carpet or anywhere you want to look your amazing best, trust Jill with nailing your perfect colors!!

Bonnie Walsh

This is amazing!!! Jill Kirsh’s color knowledge is magical as you can see with these makeovers!!!!
Her talent includes a make up line that is matched to your hair color. You can purchase a swatch book, to carry with you when you shop, to allow you the best color options. Check Jill out on Facebook and Instagram for more color news and hues!!

Deborah D Bean

Loved loved loved this article. Color is so dynamic and Jill definely has the gift for coloring us beautiful!


Your new and improved color choices are amazing! It’s striking what a difference your colors made – Amy Adams in Versace is my favorite because the golden tone really made the outfit pop, much improved from the original. The one that is not my favorite is Meghan in Christian Siriano – I loved your color choice, however I’m not a fan of pantsuits in general, would much prefer a formal dress. Two thumbs up for the great article – the red carpet celebrities should take your advice :)

Jen Jacobson

Great article! I agree, the color swaps really worked. Too bad this writer doesn’t coach Hollywood’s stylists, it sounds like she knows something they do not!

Deedee O'Malley

Jill Kirsch is the best color consultant around. She taught me what colors look the best on me over 20 years ago and I have been applying her lessons to every outfit I wear! Jill also set me up with all the right make-up. I have so much confidence in how I look, whether I go on a date with my husband or I’m on the stage performing!

Rebecca Rey

Love the color changes Jill made!

Linda f

This is an interesting article. I had to really look at some of the photos for me see what about the color changes made a difference, but in each and every one of them, the change made an improvement, sometimes dramatically so. A few were!!!!


It really is amazing how much better they look in the colors on the right. These celebs should hire Jill Kirsh to choose their colors for them!


Knowing how to choose the right color is such a game changer!

Carol Renna

What a fun article! I enjoyed guessing which color was better on each actor and I got each one correct!!
Hmmmmm…. !! Now I wonder if I’m getting my own colors correct. Thanks Jill !!

Carol Fischer

I love the white dress that Jill Kirsch designed. It is the stunning and stylish!


Jill is the Best. One can really see the difference. The correct colors brings out the best in people

Miranda Asian

Yes, even better, and the last in purple color is so amazing!


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