Redefining Beauty Sleep – Slip Silk Pillowcases

Every night, I would follow my skincare routine religiously, falling asleep with a hydrated, glowing complexion. Yet, morning after morning, I found my face dry, and sometimes irritated. Why was my skin losing moisture overnight? What was the culprit? It was my cotton pillowcase, which took all of my skin-healing ingredients for itself.

I’d always heard about the benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases, but never truly believed them. I was thrilled to receive a Pure Silk Zippered Pillowcase by Slip, a skin friendly retailer for all things silk apparel. Slip pillowcases aren’t just pillowcases; they’re lifesavers for skin and hair. Crafted from the highest grade (6A) long fiber mulberry silk, Slip promises to be gentle on the skin and hair.

The family-owned and operated company was founded by Fiona Stewart, who was prescribed acne medication that led to hair loss in 2003. Inspired by her dermatologist’s advice to sleep on a silk pillowcase, Fiona wrapped her pillow in the highest quality of silk she could find and saw immediate results for her hair and skin. She and her partner, Justin Dubious, knew they struck gold – silk gold. A year later, the duo used their business background and passion for beauty to launch the first Slip pillowcase in 2004.  

I’ve been using my queen sized Slip pillowcase in one of their newest shades, Seabreeze, for over a week now. Like Fiona, the benefits were noticeable from the first night. The Slip pillowcase, unlike cotton, doesn’t absorb moisture from my skin. Instead, it helps retain the hydration from my nighttime creams and serums, allowing me to wake up with my skin feeling  fresh. Dermatologists recommend silk over cotton because it doesn’t tug at your skin, reducing sleep creases and premature aging. The Slip pillowcase is also designed to be kind to your hair. While I have shorter hair than most, I’ve noticed a reduction in frizz and bedhead when I wake up. It’s like a nightly beauty treatment for my hair and skin, all while I sleep. 

What sets the Seabreeze Queen Zippered Pillowcase apart is its attention to detail. The invisible zipper keeps the pillow in place, ensuring uninterrupted beauty sleep. While initially more expensive than cotton, the long-term benefits of a silk pillowcase is undeniable. The non-toxic dyes and machine-washable fabric make it a practical choice for anyone looking to invest in their beauty regimen. 

You can further enhance your Slip experience with scrunchies, turbans, hair wraps, head bands, sleep masks, and more. They also offer travel sized items – to bring your silk with you on the go. Slip products are not just sleep accessories; they’re a commitment to self-care. 

The Slip pillowcase is available through their official website, as well as at various beauty retailers such as Sephora and Ulta. Embrace the luxury of Slip and redefine your beauty sleep.