Revive Jewelry: Artfully Charitable at Heart

Los Angeles-based jewelry brand Revive Jewelry draws upon charity and science for design and color inspiration. Founded by Nikki Zazzali, each of her beautiful, delicate pieces is earmarked to bring awareness to particular medical condition or cause, and a portion of their proceeds is donated to a charity that supports the cause. Brilliant, right? To cap it off, her designs are truly lovely.

With varying collections, Revive supports several worthy causes, including these below. Although each is recognized by month, you can order them year-round:

Feb – Heart Disease
March – Multiple Sclerosis; Colon Cancer; Multiple Myeloma
April (and June) – Infertility Awareness
May is Skin Cancer awareness, and Lupus
June is Brain Awareness so Alzheimer’s,
July is Sarcoma
Sept= Ovarian Cancer & Childhood Cancer & Blood Cancer (Leukemia, Lymphoma) & Prostate Cancer,
Oct= Breast Cancer & Liver Cancer,
Nov= Pancreatic Cancer, Lung Cancer & Diabetes,
Dec just has world AIDS awareness

Several new pieces were launched recently along with and two new collections: one for colon cancer and the other for leukemia. You may also enjoy Revive’s Manifest Healing Collection and you can also customize within a collection and help create a meaningful piece for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

Feel good on the inside while you look amazing on the outside. Every design is based on a cellular image of the disease it represents and the donations go to charities doing the very most to fund patient programs & research to find cures for that specific disease. No worries: this brand has been vetted to ensure that the funds for 10% of each purchase does go to research and charities.

Nikki Zazzali forged a childhood passion for making jewelry into a successful charitable jewelry company. Professionally trained as a metalsmith with a BFA degree in Crafts & Metalsmithing, she brings 14 years of experience in the jewelry industry. After losing her grandfather to cancer and watching her brother’s Lupus diagnosis unfold, cshe founded Revive Jewelry to highlight the need for cures for diseases that don’t garner enough public attention.

Fight disease one piece of jewelry at a time.


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