Road Trip Essentials

Pack your snacks and bust out the shades, road tripping season is upon us!

Open roads and sunny skies require shades that not only look cool but keep the glare to a minimum. I’ve tried so many brands of sunnies throughout my life, only to be disappointed when I lose them or they break. Best friends Tracy and Nancey knew my struggle all too well and created Vontélle. This African-American, female-owned-and-operated business creates glasses styles that are an ode to ethnic African patterns. I have the pleasure to introduce Vontélle’s Pharaoh Frames in Giraffe, my go-to sunnies for this summer. These oversize frames are perfect for long drives in the passenger seat or hanging out by the pool and catching the rays. Vontélle offers not only sunglasses but eyeglasses for adults and kids alike. No more losing my favorite pairs of peepers thanks to Vontélle’s chic and bold styles.


Maggie’s Organics

Comfort is key when cramped in the car. I can’t deal with jean shorts or finicky garments, so I tend to fall back on more simplistic looks. It doesn’t get much cozier than Maggie’s Organics. This clothing line has all the staples we know and love, but in the highest quality grade of organic cotton. I’ve been living in their Black Fleece Leggings. They keep me cool in the heat and warm during long nights when the temperature drops up in the mountains. No see-through happening here, these leggings are pitch black and pure stretch. I can do roadside stretches to my heart’s content and the leggings move with me in ease. While driving I feel so snuggly (even if it’s been 4 hours straight driving).

I have to pair my black leggings with the classic white tee. Their Organic Cotton Essentials Women’s T-Shirt can be worn two ways (scoop or V-neck) and is easy to throw on. To jazz it up, I just add a jean jacket or cardigan and a bit of eyeliner. The shirt is so incredibly soft and lays on the body in a flattering way. This tee can’t be beat and will last forever in my wardrobe.

When it gets too hot for even a shirt, I reach for my Organic Cotton Essentials Camisole. The same plush fabric as the tee, Maggie’s Organics created something magical with this camisole. It has been through so many washes in hotel sinks after hikes, biking, and bar hops. The color is still as bright and the fabric gets softer after each wash. As someone with a fuller bust, this camisole doesn’t show too much while still being flattering. Maggie’s Organics needs to be in your suitcase this summer!


There’s nothing worse than a dead cell phone when driving up and down the coast. Struggling with cheap chargers and half working battery packets is not the energy for 2023. The best quality tech gear comes from BURGA.

I’ve been using their USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to Lightning Cables to juice my laptop, headphones, and cell phone while on the road these past few months. I can’t say enough about how sturdy the wires are with a braided exterior that flexes 360 degrees.

I keep these cords in my car at all times along with the Wall Charger for charging at cafes or gas stations. Paired with the cords, it offers a super fast charge that gets me in and out quickly, and back on the road.

I love how sleek it is and doesn’t take up much space in my bag. For a portable charge, I plug into my Power Bank. Its sleek and aesthetically pleasing print makes it comfortable in the hands, back pockets, or backpack. I don’t have to worry about it dying since the charge lasts for about two days, in my experience. The duo ports allow me to charge up multiple items or share with friends when going on tours or eating dinner out.

Lastly I’ve been sporting the cutest case: the Sparkling Tiara Tough case. A star-spangled pattern against a nude backdrop makes for a celestial celebration every time I pick up my phone. The tough case keeps my phone from cracking and protects the fragile edges. BURGA‘s tech gear has my heart and keeps me content on the road.



A good bra is essential 365 days a year, but especially driving five-plus hours. Felina has the cutest and softest styles.

The Marvelous Side Smoothing T-shirt Bra keeps the girls supported through trips to amusement parks, hiking trails, and grabbing snacks from the corner store. The satin fabric is seamless under my shirts, dresses, and jumpsuits. I am curvier so there can be frumpy moments but not with this bra. Everything is smooth and effortless, everything I would want in a bra.

For a cheekier look, I reach for the Ethereal Sheer Mesh Unlined Underwire. This sexy-sheer bra makes me feel mysterious and sensual (even if I’m wearing cut offs and a school tee). It is ultra-breathable and keeps the boob sweat to a minimum. If you need something breezy and easy, Ethereal Sheer Mesh Unlined Underwire has the perfect fit.

Happy road tripping with these amazing items this summer!


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