Ross & Snow Las Vegas: Handcrafted Luxe Footwear

Ross & Snow lets you to step into something truly unique, stylish, and luxurious with their handcrafted footwear for women and men that encompasses everything from white leather spring-to-summer sneakers to moto-style boots to soft shear slippers and waterproof footwear.

We are loving their Stardust White Skate Sneaker, which is handcrafted in Italy and has distinctive style flourishes. And as an added bonus this is a weather-treated luxury sneaker, too. This Stardust sneaker manages to look simple and elegant while secretly boasting more than 25 individual patterns cut from full-grain, SuPreen weather-treated Italian leather. The best part is that they feel baby soft on your feet, as though you’re walking on clouds. They fit true to size, have an ultra-comfy insole, and have a delightful splash of silver stardust sparkle at the heels to render them memorable. Stardust is exactly the right name for these sneakers that pair equally well with jeans or warm weather dresses. Have these shoe superstars delivered to your doorstep by ordering HERE and check out all of their other sneaker styles and colors, including high tops, too.

Ross & Snow caters to both men and women at select retailers – and online through Zappos, Nordstrom and their website. Stock up on waterproof footwear for Spring, slippers for at home comfort, and sneakers for those daily errand runs.