Runway 7 NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 Showcase Catch-Up | Bartschland

This fall hybrid fashion production house and fashion show producer, Runway 7 gave us a thrilling 3-day event running parallel to New York Fashion Week, filled with top designers both iconic and indie. Viewers were shown a preview into the Spring/Summer looks for 2023, premiered collections and the latest designs from some beautifully creative minds. Here we’ll give you a quick glance in case you missed the festivities.

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Runway 7’s Friday showcase with Naeem Khan and Jessica Jade

Saturday Part 1 with Project Runway Darren Apolonio and True Tone Swim

Saturday Part 2 with Merlin Castell, Punk Majesty and Renacio

Ah, alas we have made it. All of Saturday has been prepping us for this moment. The bombastic, clubtastic, pop-kink, fetish fiesta has finally arrived. If you love the chaos of coleurs, the use and (consensual) abuse of patent leather and swoon at heels that are heavens high and lips as big as your heart – we’ve got a manic menagerie tonight.

As we begin the descent into Bartschland, we cross through multiple fashion gates acting as guides to open our hearts and minds to the wild, the whimsical and the strange.


Opening the first of the gates into our underground world, was Guvanch, the label by creative director and fashion stylist Guvanch Agajumayev. And to make sure we were in the correct spiritual mindframe, the first two models walking out immediately saw each other – forgot the world and shared a passionate kiss on the runway to the crowds’ feral delight. The collection featured avant-garde attire matching asymmetrical blazers, tattered dresses and acid wash patterning upon colors that dripped along the mind’s canvas like ink and paper.

Guvanch Runway 7
Guvanch Runway 7

Alabama Blonde

Patent leather love was abundant in the next set of gates by designer Alabama Blonde. Trench coats, cropped jackets, cut-outs, fringe, and that delicate interlacing between layers for function and fun. Shiny and sexy, each piece was skin-tight adorned upon androgynous beauty and creating striking images. Dare I say it was all so riveting?

Alabama Blonde Runway 7 SS2023

Farradas Knits

Cute and kitschy fashion brand Farradas Knits, seen on celebrities like Hayley Kiyoko, Saweetie and Bella Poarch, brings sexy, playful knit-wearables to the stage. Psychedelic gardens and twin kitty cats, the feathers, the florals, and bright bright colors all match purr-fectly in a chaotic clash of girlish love in abundance. For warm weather, or any weather – I felt the love and fey like nature in the large feathery hats and flowers that threatened your sanity with lime green borders.


Aliens and murderesses unite in Gryphyn, the label created by designer Griffin Hall. The label focuses on utilizing latex as the chosen material for skin tight shirts, catsuits, hoodies, boot covers, bikinis and overalls. You’ve got your body covered and I personally really loved the almost surreal appearance of rubber that functioned like skin with its muted hues and form fitting abilities, yet also appeared to move like liquid in the air.

New York Vintage

Yes, NYC’s most exclusive vintage shop that is only available for professional designers and stylists made their mark on the runway as well this night. Though it felt undeservedly a little rushed, even with less pieces each still held their own. New York Vintage dominated with motocross jumpsuits, fur coats, bright fiery colors and goggles – giving slight wasteland post-apocalyptic vibes when paired with the dark eye makeup.

New York Vintage Runway 7 SS 2023

Dope Tavio

Dope Tavio, the second designer under Patricia Fields’ gallery to take to the Runway 7 stage, graced ours eyes (the first being Darren Apolonio earlier in the day). Known for gender-less pieces that mix hiphop street fashion and club wear, featured a black and white theme with the extravagant and spacious usage of fabrics. Ruffles and feathers appeared in some pieces and the large spans of fabric with checkerboard, houndstooth, polka dot and other patterning could almost confuse the eye even more with a wonderful illusionary experience. As a little special bonus, all the models got to have a lovely little red stache to match his own.

Dope Tavio Runway 7 SS2023

Levi Campello

Levi Campello was our final gate and dedicated it to clean cut, good boy (or badboy) fetish wear. Much of the collection was smartly cut, and utilized gold accents and simple color choices. Light mesh, and pearl detailing on masks, along with gold apparel and body paint – I consider this all very romantic as a homage to the beauty of the male form. All of this was paired with very low rise pants ( for fans of the “v” ) and forearm tight gloves. But of course, we have to mention the infamous bumpster made famous by Alexander McQueen, as we love a nod to the legend.

Bartschland: Look II

Bartschland Look II SS2023 Runway 7 Fashion

The finale is here: in all of psychedelic candy, chaotic multi-colored glory. A Bartschland event is truly one of those things you really need to experience in person because a party isn’t experienced through a screen.

But we’ll get as close as we can.

Bartschland Look II SS2023 Runway 7 Fashion

It’s hard to describe the overall feeling of the collection but it may be akin to taking psychedelics then speed-reading through all the magazines while putting on makeup with pop music raging loud enough to blast your eardrums and your soul. Also, maybe you are intoxicated.

Burlesque was abundant and entertainment was THE goal from the runway to you. Bartschland is known for its chaotic fun, and drawing in a cast of nightlife goers to seek these environments to frolic in.

For me, all the works were like capsuled insignias of the model. Each look had nuances that felt like the individual shined through. And then we had our queens and kings of New York City nightlife reigning from their Club-Kid legacy. Respect for the royalty.

If the loud outfits, thigh high boots, and pop colored hair did not win you over, there were also freefalling dancers, firework stilettos, spray painting women, chainsaw chastity belts, and a woman coming out of a balloon. Take your pick, but the whole show won my heart.

Nowadays, in a sea of everyone wearing the same acceptable forms of aesthetic, it’s a beautiful thing to have a safe, willing avenue to raise the spirit of each person’s unique expression. All of this is showing you, hey it’s possible. Don’t be afraid. Just have a party in it all.

Bartschland Look II SS2023 Runway 7 Fashion

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All Photos by Michele Eve Sandberg for Runway 7 / Photo Courtesy of TaraInk

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