Runway 7 NYFW Spring/Summer 2023 Showcase Catch-Up | Friday

This September 2022 hybrid fashion production house and fashion show producer, Runway 7 gave us a thrilling 3-day event running parallel to New York Fashion Week, filled with top designers both iconic and indie. Viewers were shown a preview into the Spring/Summer looks for 2023, premiered collections and the latest designs from some beautifully creative minds. Here we’ll give you a quick glance in case you missed the festivities. Without further ado – let’s begin.

The first day in a 3-day weekend of events started off with an energetic 2-minute cultural dance performed by Peruvian dancers and presented by 360 Fashion. Runway 7 also donated part of sales to MS Research.

Naeem Khan

Photos by Thomas Concordia/Getty Images for Runway 7 / Photo Courtesy of TaraInk

Friday collection showcases started off with the iconic Naeem Khan, member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and dresser of First Lady Michelle Obama, Queen Noor of Jordan, and the Princess of Wales. The collection featured organic florals with a thistle like threat, shimmering tinsel evening wear, and romantic fringe. The power and dominance of nature in a feminine state decorated each piece, leaving an awe-ing effect at such beauty.

The show ended with Kate Beckinsale (also our alternative goth movie queen) appearing gilded in a platinum gown. The VIPs attending the show included Ryan Seacrest, Fern Mallis, Linda Fargo, Director of women’s fashion at Bergdorf Goodman, and Colin Cowie.

Photo of Naeem Khan and Kate Beckinsale by Thomas Concordia / Getty Images for Runway 7 / Photo Courtesy of TaraInk

Estella B

Photos by Mike Chaiken / Rep-Am / CTFashionMag

Midday started off with featuring swimwear couture from indie-brand Estella B. Her first ever premiered collection focused on fire imagery with the flames picking up the heat in the form of bikinis and body-con dresses. Blacks were intermingled in mesh bodysuits and solid tees leaving us with a completely themed coal-er palette.

Tania Arevalo

Photos by Mike Chaiken / Rep-Am / CTFashionMag

Fashion designer Tania with her brand TCNY design gave the lovebirds a view of her new collection “Love is Blooming” featuring bridal-wear and formal attire. Some traditional elements came with a spin with champagne metallic ornamentation, lace-y white dresses coming to the knee, backless and with a bow as well as satin jumpsuits sashaying down the runway. You can watch the full show HERE.


Photos by Mike Chaiken / Rep-Am / CTFashionMag

The 2023 collection from Iniquity was a sound thesis on color and structure with each piece hitting a pleasurable monochromatic look through an industrial lens. Everything enticed the eye with geometric shapes in the form of tube-like structures, ribbed material and very bold, very bright choices of color that continuously kept the viewers on their toes. Each piece was a sentence in a commentary on how form and fashion meet and ended each look with a bold, undeniable period.

Forever Fearless Fashion

Photos by Mike Chaiken / Rep-Am / CTFashionMag

Athletic street-wear fashion mixed with a mission positive message is the synopsis of the Forever Fearless Fashion brand. Never fear though, there was plenty of energy, sex appeal and fun in their featured collection. Starting off with a performance and mixing in drip by drip, this fashion brand delivered Fearless flavored NYC classic attire – sweats, hoodies, active-wear, and leather jackets. Fearless props such as books and bedazzling basketballs were also added for flavor as well as having roller skates grace the runway.

Funari New York

Photos by Mike Chaiken / Rep-Am / CTFashionMag

When thinking of eco-conscious fashion, one tends to imagine muted earth tones with blacks and whites added. Janelle Funari, designer of luxury brand Funari New York, completely breaks this trend for their 2023 Spring and Summer collection with bold displays of color, patterning and silhouettes that aren’t afraid to take up space. Funari extends this even further with fashion for canines in a full line of clothes designed for dogs with the same amount of pizzazz.

Sasmita Batik

Photos by Mike Chaiken / Rep-Am / CTFashionMag

Indonesia traditional batik gets a fusion fest with American pop girlish attire in the Sasmita Batik showcased collection. Batik treatments in the form of pink patterning merged with cascading ruffles, modern cuts, floral accents and tied together all with a bright colored band. Feminine fashion reminiscent of the 1900s with headpieces and classic silhouettes is appreciated here as well as a nod to more conservative designs with shoulder wraps and elegant long sleeves.

NUBI Collection

NubiCollection Photo by Charles Stokes
Photo by Charles Stokes / CharlesStokesPhotography

Pan-African fashion visionary NUBICollection brought us regal royalty in a way that gives life and energy to the world. Dresses with reds like the setting sun mingled in yellowy oranges, gold metallic lines and paired beautifully with traditional gold neck rings. Elegant teal blues reflecting the beauty of the seas adorned the runway as well along with the playful mixture of traditional patterning on sun dresses.

The Tailory New York

The Tailory New York Photo by Charles Stokes
The Tailory New York Photo by Charles Stokes
Photos by Charles Stokes / CharlesStokesPhotography

Women owned bespoke suit company The Tailory New York took the baseplate of a suit and did with it as it pleased. Revealing cut outs, color block bustiers, and banded straps holding bodytight shapes – The Tailory gave the runway fierce business looks with no shame to the women’s figure. No longer a man’s game here The Tailory did not come to play and showed us what power can look like with masculinity meeting a modern woman’s needs.

Actively Black

Owned by NBA player turned entrepreneur Lanny Smith, athleticwear brand Actively Black hit viewers for its first Fashion Week show with a performance by dancer Storm DeBarge before delivering looks from their latest collection. The collection featured monochrome athletic apparel mixed with such sharp, tasteful design decisions – such as double banded sports bra straps, simple clean waistbands on bottoms and subtle patterning utilized on leather looks applied to hoodie dresses, leggings, vests and suit-like sets. Everything just looked so damn good it’s no wonder the brand is a favorite of Steph Curry, Steve Harvey, Meagan Good, and President Barack Obama.

But sometimes words are just not enough. So view the whole Actively Black show HERE.

Jessica Jade

Photos by Thomas Concordia / Getty Images for Runway 7 / Photo Courtesy of TaraInk

Playful party girl attire galore, everything shimmered – even the denim  – in this collection. Fringe, fluff and plenty of New York City references showed up to close out the Friday night festivities. Sabrett hot dogs, pizza dresses, subway imagery detailing, and bands saying “I’m walking here” and “fuggedaboutit”, Jessica Jade’s flirty fashion was right at home in the entertainment center of New York City, Times Square.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: A model walks the runway wearing Jessica Jade at Runway 7 Spring/Summer 2023 Collections, on September 09, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Thomas Concordia/Getty Images for Runway 7)
Photo by Thomas Concordia / Getty Images for Runway 7 / Photo Courtesy of TaraInk
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