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Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is no day at the beach, but knowing the best styles for your face shape is essential in choosing the right pair to complement your looks. From chic round frames to vibrant hues and everything in between, there is no shortage of bold styles for your picking. We found two brands making waves for their stylish shades and even more innovative practices.

MOSCOT Eyewear is renowned worldwide for their refined craftsmanship and youthful downtown vibe. Combining 100 years of eyewear expertise with modern and innovative design, MOSCOT has become a go-to brand for well-crafted and timeless eyewear, revered by celebrities and fashion-savvy New Yorkers alike. Quintessentially New York, MOSCOT was founded in 1899 by Hyman Moscot who sold ready-made eyeglasses from a cart on Orchard Street. Generations later, the company has managed to preserve the family-owned vibe and offer impeccable service and expertly crafted eyewear with every visit. Whether you are looking for prescription eyewear or sunglasses, MOSCOT offers a diverse collection of styles in a variety of frames and lens color combinations. The MOSCOT Originals Collection is based on styles from the brand’s archives circa the 1930’s through the 1970’s. Celebrating the classic styles and using traditional hardware and lens colors seen in decades past, the collection offers a truly authentic product.

MOSCOT Sun Collection offers bold design, drawing inspiration from the eclectic aesthetic of the 1970s through the 1990s. Representing the core values and craftsmanship of the originals but with a modern twist, the sunglasses are offered in a variety of frames from oversized striking cat eye frames to sleek aviators. All sunglasses have CR-39 lenses, providing each wearer with 100% UVA and UVB protection. For the avid MOSCOT eyeglass-wearing customers, several of the sunglasses are offered with or without prescription.

The Adrienne shades are the essence of seventies chic with oversized butterfly-like frames and an option of donning them in classic black horn or crystal. The Drew presents a classic streamlined look in three bold hues for effortless “it” factor. Choose from traditional matte black for mornings dodging paparazzi, slate green for a weekend brunching or bold cranberry to mix up your favorite music festival attire.

Try the Fionah, a personal favorite and an undeniably stylish take on vintage frames. These flattering shades will take you from the streets of Soho to the beaches of Monaco and everywhere in between. Perfect for all face shapes and available in a cream or honey color, the Fionah is a must-have for any season.

To pick out your next favorite shades, visit MOSCOT’s New York flagship shops at 118 Orchard Street and 69 West 14th Street, offering complete eye care services. Visit for a virtual “try on” salon, where customers can choose a frame, color and lens for a glimpse of how they complement each face shape.

OJOS Eyewear is a sunglass brand that stands for more than the products they make. With a unique mission to promote a movement for change, the brand offers stylish shades and a way to change people’s lives around the world through the gift of sight. For every pair of sunnies sold, a set of prescription eyewear is given to someone in need. We took some time to talk to designer and founder of OJOS eyewear, Tyler Reynolds to discuss the “Eyes Towards Progress” movement and his chic sunglass collection.

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BN: Since starting your eyewear collection, you have instilled this philosophy of being an eyewear company that gives back, how has this developed in the last year or so?
OE: We wanted to instill the idea of truly “giving back” directly in the foundation of the OJOS Eyewear movement. In our company blueprint, we set our sights to be an eyewear brand that is socially active and environmentally responsible by taking care of the health of others and our planet through the success of our brand. If this is something a company really wants to accomplish, there are really unique and awesome ways to do so. We dove in head-first into how to accomplish this. What came about is what you see today with our company and what we are about entirely. For us, it’s all about dedication to your brand philosophies.

Our brand philosophies – both socially and environmentally – are encompassed in one word: “progress.” To give back to those in need, we partnered with an amazing organization to produce the “buy one, give one” model of the OJOS movement. This allows our success to translate to more than just revenue as a business, but progress as a socially focused brand. Also, as a global business it’s our responsibility took out for the resources we use and the environmental fingerprint we leave behind. To cover this fingerprint and “keep the world in business” we are a proud member of 1% For The Planet where we voluntarily tax ourselves a 1% “Earth tax” on our annual sales to donate to the Surfrider Foundation. This protects this world’s most important resource: water. All in all, we are very proud of where we have come and are going as a brand.

BN: Where do you draw inspiration for your collection?
OE: Of course, I personally draw inspiration from the look and feel of eyewear that I would wear and recommend. In my life, I am very active and enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities. I think the surf culture has definitely influenced our collection in having a certain “West Coast” feel. We want our eyewear to look and feel sharp and bold.

In some aspects, it’s easier to define what we avoid in the design process for each model. We want to produce something unique because that’s what our brand is about. That extends itself from our collection to how we run the company to our brand philosophies. Our collection touches definitely touches on being very fashionable. We want people to see OJOS Eyewear as a high quality, fashionable brand. Keeping it simple is easy, pushing the envelope is not. Each model has undergone numerous changes to get to what you see today.

BN: Do you design for a specific target market or age group?
OE: Our collection illustrates a modern, bold vibe but I wouldn’t say we are tailored to any one demographic. Some of our models lead toward “action sport” than others, but overall we like to think our collection is unique enough to extend beyond one certain characteristic. We don’t design for one specific target market but apply our style differently in our sunnies collection. Each is definitely different in its own right but incorporates the OJOS style.

BN: How do you see your company growing in the next few years?
OE: We are very optimistic and excited about where we are going. People have really liked our collection as far as our products go. In terms of growth, it is of utmost importance to us to always keep 100% transparency in our brand identity and what makes OJOS unique. The OJOS movement symbolizes something more than just a product. We want people to understand this staple of our brand. We are not looking to be the fastest growing company in the world. We want to have smart growth and grow together with our movement. It is important for our retailers to know what we are about and exactly what our product and brand means because honestly it’s a lot different than the rest. The vibe with any and all potential retailers has to be synonymous with our philosophies and style. We want people to understand that OJOS Eyewear is unique and can only be found in unique retailers.

BN: Where can customers find your products?
OE: We will be located in retailers throughout Texas, California, Kansas, and Hawaii very soon. As of right now, our customers can find our products online at our website at

Sunglass Shopping Guide:

Start your sunglass search by trying many different colors and silhouettes before you commit, as it will give you the option to test an array of styles that complement your face shape.

Heart-shaped: Look to more rounded silhouettes or cat-eye styles that will accentuate your prominent cheekbones without overwhelming your frame. Stray from over-designed fashionable sunglasses with too many embellishments at the front, as it can make your forehead look wider.

Oblong-shaped: Shop for oversized and fuller frames that provide a range of coverage and make the face look rounder.

Oval-shaped: You are lucky enough to look great in any frame! To draw focus to balanced looks, sport a pair of angular fashion sunglasses in savvy colors. Frames with a high bridge will help to accent the cheekbones.

Square: You will look great in flattering round, oval and cat-eye silhouettes. Eliminate strong geometric shapes, which will draw attention to an angular face. Large round frames balance a square face.

Round-Shaped: Try wide, rectangular frames that will highlight your facial appearance. Circular frames and bold colored sunglasses will focus attention on the fullness of the face; sleek geometric frames will accentuate your angles.

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