ShortyLove’s Quilted Crossbody Handbag Is Making Waves

Have you seen what ShortyLove has been up to lately? ShortyLove’s Cruiser Quilted Wave Crossbody Bag features an out of the ordinary quilted wave design created with silky nylon fabric that is appealing to the eye and soft to the touch. The Cruiser Quilted Crossbody, available in a medium and small size, comes in basic black, sage, and one of my favorite colors—a rich midnight blue shade.

This lightweight handbag provides ample room for storage, thanks to two large zippered outer pockets, a zippered inner pocket and two inner card/key holder slots providing quick access to smaller items.

The Cruiser is an ideal everyday bag, quickly becoming my grab-and-go handbag of choice. For extra fun and an instant style makeover, one can always purchase a striped Boardwalk Strap in a complementing color combination to switch things up.

As with all ShortyLove handbags, the quality is first-rate. Ultimately, the most difficult decision to make regarding the Cruiser handbag is, “Which color do I want to order?”


Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

Rachelle is a multimedia writer who reports on lifestyle topics ranging from fashion and beauty to food, travel, entertainment, and home decor. Rachelle has written several fictional mystery and detective ebooks as well as a journal/creative writing print workbook. Her latest detective genre ebook will be released this summer.