Slip into Sensuality + Sustainability

Style or comfort? An age old debate but I believe “Why not both?” thanks to Daughters of India, a Sedex Fair Trade-Certified brand. They’ve perfected the art of slow fashion that breathes bohemian ease into every garment they craft. Their dresses are made by locals in Jaipur, India who are empowered to have flexible schedules and are paid fairly. I’ve been revamping my closet to reflect a more ethical approach, and Daughters of India’s dresses are quickly becoming my staples for spring and summer.

Billowing breezes sweep up my Diya Midi Dress in the color Pistachio, cooling down my body as the sun gleams overhead. This dress is made for frolicking through a meadow, farmer’s market, or a backyard garden. The earthy mints, jades, and olives catch the eye and capture the soul with each movement – which is perfect since the Diya Midi Dress is a breathable fit. I enjoy tea time as I snack on cakes and tea sandwiches, without a worry that my dress will be too tight. There’s a simple elegance to this dress that will get strangers asking “Where did you get it?” You need Diya in your life.

Aquamarine seas crash in front of me as I twirl in my Jaya Mini Dress, color Juniper. This baby blue beauty is made for fun, mediation, and dinner parties. The joy of bike riding without worrying about my dress riding up, the meditating during sunset at my local park, and entertaining my family as I whip up an impromptu dinner gathering. Jaya flows with the adventure, effortlessly, making me feel and look oh-so-cool. This has to be my favorite piece in my closet thus far and only gets softer with each wash (it’s the 100% cotton, I tell you!)

Daughters of India has me love-struck with their dresses and I can’t wait to add more of their pieces to my wardrobe in the future. Pick up a dress here and let me know which one is your favorite!