Smoothing Seamless Bras for your Fall Looks

While we focus so much on styles and trends for our fall wardrobe, we rarely give the same care to the undergarments we will wear underneath. However they are the key pieces to create a flawless silhouette and reveal our feminine assets to their best advantage. Don’t your teeth cringe in the street when you see awkwardly squeezed bosoms in push-up bras that reveal molehills of flesh billowing on the top? A skimpy bra that drops your bosom is not sexy either just as a tight pencil skirt that reveals the line of your low waist panty makes for a total fashion disaster. With today’s body conscious fashions, you need to plan carefully the invisibles of your wardrobe and select pieces that reveal you at your best, while remaining totally invisible.

There is a new generation of bras on the market that blend beautifully with today’s body conscious styles without tightening and creating unattractive bulges. When shopping for a bra this fall, you need to select one of these seamless types that allow any tight sweater or fitted shirt to stand to perfection.

Leonisa has created a line of sexy looking bras in a perfect blend of power-net and microfiber that aim at avoiding the lumps, bumps and overhang that appear on traditional bras. The breasts are smoothly encased in the seamless cup and three hooks in the back help eliminate any bulge. The look is sexy, extremely supportive and flattering. You are totally comfortable and free to move your arms above your head without worrying about slippage. Leonisa is a best seller brand in South America and is available at

Coby, a new line of seamless and comfortable bras provides a shapely silhouette without hooks or clasps thanks to ribbing and elastic in the front. Made of stretch fabric in 88% nylon, 12% spandex with a layer of supportive padding in the front it can be worn under a sexy dress at a cocktail party or a yoga T-shirt at the gym. Its easy yet firm fit allows the bra not to ride up without confining the chest. It also smoothes out any unattractive bulging and can be worn like a camisole underneath a jacket too . Available in 3 seamless styles, Scoop neck, V-neck and Shapeless Bandeau. It comes in one size bra that fits almost everyone.

Available at and many retailers.

The Divine Seamless Underwire Bra in a soft nylon blend fabric from the Rhonda Shear collection offers full coverage in a V neck line with wide non-adjustable stretchy seamless straps that smooth any flesh sticking out. It has reinforced center front ruching and its light camisole-like feel lets you breathe and feel free in your garments. The bra is also available without wires for smaller busts or as a Bandeau. To wear with your pencil skirt, the Blossom Jacquard Panty with a banded waist of normal rise offers the kind of invisible coverage that is key for form fitting attire. Ronda Shear is an undergarment designer who was formerly an actress and TV personality.

Available at

Last but not least, think of adding the Camiband to your wardrobe. It keeps your cleavage concealed in beautiful sexy lace that is good to have on hand to fix all your last minute cleavage problems. It can also add a bit of zest to a plain office look and extra support and confidence to your overall appearance.

Available at

If you are small breasted or thin, you have a lot more leeway in the kind of bras you can wear. If you are shapelier you need a bra that covers you smoothly, hides fatty pockets and flatters your femininity. Sexiness comes with confidence and being at ease with you body and the way you look. These undergarments can give you the extra boost of confidence needed. Like shopping for the right man, look for a bra that discreetly reveals you to your advantage, that can hold on to the pressure and for better or for worse always allow you to be you.


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