Spring’s Staple Style

Sift through the seasonal sorrow of your closet with ease and feverously focus on a spring rejuvenation of your wardrobe. Maintain staple style with a few new key pieces!


Before you go anywhere you need to make sure your fashion is in focus. Have the foresight to think ahead and garner a few pairs of glasses for each look. Whether it’s work, play or style, with these prices its beyond affordable! Simply log onto to the website and enter your chosen frame, prescription and type of lens and your new glasses ship out right away. Beats those overpriced frames at the doctor’s office and you won’t get bored with just one look!
Retail Price: The prices vary from just $6.00-$85.00 with prescription, frame and shipping depending on lens and frame.

To purchase log onto http://www.eyebuydirect.com

Pelcor Purse

When you think of cork, you think of champagne. The key to locking in the world’s most celebratory drink is also a beautiful piece of style and art. Pelcor accessories create the most unique piece of the season in its envelope purse! The brand contributes to the renewal of the eco-system rendering the accessories, sustainable. Each piece is a couture article as no two piece of cork are alike! Pristinely pulled from the Portuguese cork oak forests, each designed is tailored and tapered into a delicate display of creative craftsmanship.

Piece shown: cork skin envelope clutch with flap panel in raw canvas and contrasting leather detail. This delightful combination of textures creates a distinctive look. With a delicate leather-and-chain strap and a practical magnet snap-closure, it includes one interior pouch pocket for secure storage.
Collection Spring/Summer 2015

9.4″ x 6.3″
Retail Price: $205
To purchase log onto http://www.PelcorUSA.com

Melissa shoes

For those of us that stubble out the door in the morning (before we have had our essential coffee) and barely have time to look at what’s on our feet to see if they match, the quick fix has just launched. The latest in footwear news, the uni-shoe! A high end jelly shoe that can be mixed and matched and fits both feet. The designer footwear comes in 81 different combinations and styles that can be paired together or uniquely different for each foot. The shoes are easy to maintain and flexible enough to throw in your bag for a quick heel to flat change and spring solution!
Retail Price: $45.00 each, $90.00 a pair

To purchase log onto http://www.shop601.com

Origami Owl

Customize your collection of jewelry for yourself or as a gallant gift. As Mother’s Day approaches you have the opportunity to mold your memories into wild animal prints, flowers or colorful Swarovski crystals. Origami Owl offers customized plates, lockets and a couture way of designing pieces in your own word with pristine and personal presentation all wrapped up in a cute little gift box!
Prices vary on what you create
To purchase log onto http://www.origamiowl.com

JUNE by Netatmo

As the sun and sand season approaches, applying the correct amount of skincare protection is top of mind however do we every really know how much direct sunlight we receive? JUNE by Netatmo is an elegant bracelet that measures sun exposure to help women take better care of their skin. It features a chic jewel sensor designed by Camille Toupet on a sleek double wrap leather band. JUNE pairs with iOS devices via Bluetooth Low Energy and, through its companion app, enables women to track their sun exposure each day. With the devise, the client receives personalized sun protection advice and alerts of excessive sun exposure. The bracelet keeps women aware of the dangers of sun seeping through seamlessly!

Retail Price: $129.00
To purchase log onto http://www.netatmo.com, Bloomingdales and Best Buy

Woodzee Sunwear

Spring style and sustainability is in the latest eco-sunwear, Woodzee’s. The brand is constructed in all wood and engrained in eco-savvy renewable resources. The fashion eyewear features men’s and women’s sun and RX glasses. In addition, Woodzee donates a portion of all proceeds to a variety of charitable organizations, which customers can choose upon checkout!
Retail Price: Glasses vary in price from $25-$150.00

To purchase log onto http://www.woodzee.com

olivia + joy Rory Perf Tote

Your everyday purse is your biggest accessory, your lifeline to daily activities and a taste of your fashion flair. olivia + joy’s spring collection features a variety of casual and fashionable bags that are both affordable and chic. From multi-tasking maven to mobile mom, this accessory is not only a necessity but an essential asset. Equipped with accessible pockets to grab your phone or devise in a pinch and large yet lite for life’s essentials. Simple and elegant style for spring!
Retail Price: $98

To purchase log onto http://www.oliviaandjoy.com

Love Premium Denim

Love premium denim has developed an exclusive “hold you in” technology that has compactly combined a 360 stretch, with the ample ability to flatten the tummy and lift the butt. After a long winter minus the workouts, a generous jean is much needed! Made with 35% performance stretch Lycra for form fitting and flattening fashion to develop a little spring shape!
Retail Price $135.00

To purchase log onto http://www.lovepremiumdenim.com

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