Spring/Summer 2017 NYC Fashion Week: An artful approach to fashion week


Every fashion week, I strive to uncover the latest in variant looks from an illustrious group of creative designers. This season was particularly innovative, not only in terms of forward fashion but also in varied sets, locations, and rustic backdrops. From carnivals to museum venues, I thought to mention additional options and techniques to the classic runway reveal.

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Alex Vinash

Distinctively set in the Holy Apostles Ballroom in Chelsea:

The iconic symbols of the spring season are flowers and butterflies, and Mr. Vinash exhibited both quite nicely in his Spring/Summer 2017 collection! Each garment was constructed with various embellishments, textiles and textures such as tulle and feathers; displaying a playful persona.


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Marie + Annette

Pristine presentation:

“Urban Tea Party” was created by sisters Christina and Krystal Phillips. Feminine, sleek and sexy, this collection was composed of layers, lace and satin styled cut out dresses, suits and separates that were set in an elegant tea party presentation.


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R. Culturi

Showroom style:

In a more refined and polished setting, I had the chance to view an amazing array of fine scarves and pocket squares. Suitable to be encased in a glass display at any of NYC’s magnificent museums, these pieces are created intricately as works of wearable art. Each pattern is pulled exclusively from one country and one artist from all over the world. This style individually represents the look and feel of the artist’s design and ambience of that country.


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