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St. Elise BAZAAR is deeply rooted in the world’s indigenous and historic cultures, with its founders traveling the globe to meet creators in their country, villages, and personal workshops. You’ll find the best in handmade, artisanal creations from people whose skills have been lovingly and painstakingly passed down to them over generations. Steep in tradition and historic techniques and learn more about the world by checking out everything at St. Elise BAZAAR (St. Elise is the founder’s fictional, brilliant patron saint of the handmade).

This Noir Classic Phikoun Rope Necklace is an example of the gorgeous and truly distinctive accessories found at St Elise BAZAAR. This Noir Classic Phikoun Rope Necklace is hand-made by artisans at Blanc de Noir, a family-run business founded to improve life for rural Lao people after the devastation of the Vietnam War.

Traditional methods of silver-work have been revived for creating the types of jewelry pieces that once reserved for the Lao Royal Family. At the heart of this necklace’s design is the Dok Phikoun flower motif, believed to bring good luck, health, and protection for the wearer. This creative artisan family rightfully takes great pride in their work and ensures that every piece embodies the pinnacle of Lao history and its beautiful handmade art. This is an exceptional piece with heirloom quality that will be treasured for many years to come because it’s one-of-a-kind.

Price: $310.00

Available: HERE.

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