Stylish and Comfy Shoes for Long Summer Days

Summer has officially begun and we have the hottest shoes of the season:

Get your vintage-inspired groove on when you step out in the iconic footwear brand Famolare. Produced with the company’s trademark, wavy rubber soles, Famolare has been making waves since 1969. You will adore the wide variety of distinctive and trendy shoe styles! Famolare is an excellent choice when looking for an upscale shoe that is super versatile.

If wearing high heels has ever been an issue, Famolare is the shoe for you. Because the soles are wavy, the first wave grasps shock to the heel and ankle, the second wave absorbs shock to the arch, the third wave will pleasantly roll you forward, and the fourth pushes you off. This balance is so secure that you won’t have to worry about toppling over when you wear a higher wedge. Famolare is an entirely women-owned company with a strong mission: to build the success of their brand and to help women realize their full potential. CEO and President of Famolare, Victoria Staten, deeply supports peace, pushes for civil rights, rallies to protect the environment, and works for causes that empower women.

What is fantastic about this eco-friendly company is that with every purchase from the online store, Famolare will plant a tree. All the packaging and materials are sourced sustainably, and all of its manufacturers are intentionally within two miles of each other to minimize carbon footprint. Ideal for all occasions, discover the more of this chic line at

Cascade Sandal
Poor foot health can inhibit your everyday performance so taking care of your feet is extremely important. To remedy this, elevate your footwear with the Cascade Sandal by the highly acclaimed brand Protalus. Meticulously designed to benefit your entire body, these sandals are your go-to for everyday comfort. The Cascade delivers when you a seeking a shoe that is sophisticated, supportive and comfortable. This all-around pair ticks off all the boxes!

These lovely sandals feature a deep heel cup and dual-density foam for a satisfying step-in ease to give proper padding and stability in addition to relieving heel stress. What I especially like is the adjustability of the straps to customize the sandal, so it is completely tailored to your preference.

Whatever plans you have for the summer, when you wear these shoes your feet will not only feel good but will look good, too. With a 90-day product guarantee, you can experience a sandal unlike any other:

Telina Cuppari Senior Staff Writer at Beauty News NYC
Telina Cuppari

Senior Staff Writer

Telina Cuppari is a world explorer who loves people and pizza. Originally from California, Telina speaks three languages and has worked in seven countries and traveled extensively in over 30 nations. She now resides in New Jersey where she holds two Guinness World Records for the Largest Collection of Pizza-Related Items. Her husband was kind enough to let her turn their garage into a pizza museum. Telina received her master’s in Edinburgh, Scotland and after spent three more years in the capital writing for one of the country’s largest newspapers about her failed relationships and dating foreign men. She loves anything beauty related, cooking strange food that’s super healthy, and meeting new people. Telina is the founder of Pizza Kindness. An independent, nonprofit dedicated to spreading kindness throughout the tri-state with pizza-related events and campaigns to support college scholarships and other charitable organizations.