Sweet Shoe Dreams

I love Miranda and Samantha, but I think in reality, I’m more of a Carrie. Obsessed with love, curly hair, and toooooo many shoes. It’s not a bad thing, of course. Dream Shoes came to the rescue for my shoe needs.

Outdoor Athletic Hiking Sandals
I have two pairs of Dream Shoes, one for play and one for work. Well not really: more play-work. They are the Outdoor Athletic Hiking Sandals, that are snug to the foot and super comfy. I plan on using them a ton on my trip to Mexico in the new year. So far I’ve been wearing them to run errands and walk the dogs, and they are such a dream!

Chunky Mary Jane Pumps
Now for the play part. These Chunky Mary Jane Pumps completed my outfit as I headed for a night out on the town! I wore my cozy cable knit cream sweater, a little velvet skirt and cream knee socks. I put these Mary Janes on and my outfit was elevated to the nines! They were ultra comfortable, even as I walked through the city streets, and received so many compliments on them. I was happy to report they were from Dream Shoes, and very affordable. I recommend checking them out, and picking up a pair as a quick gift for a loved one (or yourself). You will find your dream shoes with Dream Shoes.