Switch Up Your Mask Game

I don’t take pleasure in wearing a mask, but I do it anyway, knowing it is the least I can do to slow the spread of COVID-19. And since I’m going be masking up for a while, I might as well continue to sample different kinds. It’s fun to switch up my mask game and experiment with colors, fabrics, styles, and brands. Recently, I tried masks from WAKAMONO and Out & About Supply, which impressed me in different ways. Here’s what I found.

WAKAMONO Antiviral Medical Mask
WAKAMONO’s disposable mask, AKA “The World’s First Anti-Coronavirus Surgical Mask,” contains four layers for added protection and is designed to filter bacteria and viruses and destroy them on contact. The mask fits comfortably over your nose and is one of the most breathable masks I’ve ever worn. My favorite thing about this mask is by far the scent, which reminds me of peppermint or Vicks VapoRub. I find the smell to be a comforting reminder that the mask’s organic compounds are at work combatting viruses, bacteria, and odor. Order 5 boxes of WAKAMONO’s Antiviral Medical Masks online HERE for $29.00.

Out & About Supply Masks
Out & About Supply’s collection of reusable masks comes in thirteen adorable colors and patterns. The masks are designed with comfort in mind and are perfect if you’re living an active lifestyle where you spend a lot of time outdoors. I especially like that the straps are made of a soft, easily adjustable cotton (no elastic to speak of). Order your Out & About Supply Mask online HERE for $18.


Gemma Lolos

Social Media Manager, City Pulse Editor + Staff Writer

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