The Best of Barstchland Look III at Runway 7 for NYFW Fall/Winter 2023

Hybrid fashion production house and fashion show producer Runway 7 showcased a collection of emerging and established designers to present their latest and greatest for Fall/Winter 2023 fashion. Their shows run in parallel to New York Fashion Week and with big names like Naeem Khan, Stephen Goudeau, Barbara Hulaniki and Susanne Bartsch, you know a three day fashion event from Runway 7 is going to be good.

This past NYFW for Fall and Winter Fashion 2023, the selections were even greater than last time with a whopping 45+ designers. Runway 7 has definitely upped the game this year with the latest in teen and young adult fashion, swimwear, evening wear, street fashion, emerging designers to keep your eye on, and all with their core focus on philanthropy and giving back.

New York Fashion Week would never be complete without Bartschland, our nightlife fashion staple. This past NYFW for Fall and Winter Fashion 2023, Susanne Bartsch, club High-Priestess and nightlife visionary, dazzled the audiences with LOOK III. Once again, Barstchalnd designers and performers lit up the runway as the opener to Runway 7’s weekend of jam packed fashion showcases. And nobody gets a party started like Bartschland.

Guvanch, Veritée Hill, Beilharz Official, John Magru, Reneé Masoomian, Ren Haixi, and Abraham Levy served as the party precursor for LOOK III.


Wasteland but make it sexy – Guvanch’s latest collection featured distressed fabrics paired with belts, boots and stuffed bears. The collection also contained shimmer heaven. Iridescence in the form of shirts and sequined pants reflected beautifully on the Sony Hall runway stage.

Photos Courtesy of Danielle Bennett // // Instagram

Veritée Hill

Costume and corsetry designer, Veritee Hill delighted the stage with their latest showcase with looks containing hoop skirts, petticoats, and other artist assemblage that presented picture perfect silhouettes. Goth met the party with looks of black latex and lace forming a sweet and sexy marriage.

Photos Courtesy of Danielle Bennett // // Instagram

Beilharz Official

Beilharz was next, with their latest work featuring their signature of merging street art with wearable art. The collection included baggy apparel, bright puffer vests, platform heels, and denim long sleeves. Emphatic pattern additions reflected that graffiti-eque funky style. Beilharz’s work is also hand painted and one of a kind.

John Mangru

John Mangru followed with a lovely collection focusing on strapped bustiers in a variety of romantic detailing. All black or pink with roses, the models gracefully took the floor, looking like ballet dancers with their beauty and poise. Mangru also appeared as a guest model for the Bartschland Look II event last fall so it was wonderful to see them have their own stage slot this season.

John Mangru at NYFW Runway 7 2023 Photo by Daniel Bennett PHotography
Photos Courtesy of Danielle Bennett // // Instagram

Renee Masoomian

Vintage inspired latex designer Renee Masoomian gave us latex heaven, with flirty skirts, liquid shirts, thigh-highs and stilettos. Skin tight in all the right places, Masoomian’s collection featured flattering accentuated waist-line ruffles and galaxy loving bodycons with cutouts. As any Bartschland event does with tons of sex appeal, the crowd was especially entertained by the leash play that took place on the runway.

Photos Courtesy of Danielle Bennett // // Instagram

Ren Haixi

Ren Haixi is a master of transforming fabric into fabulous body wear. Seen on celebrities such as Billie Eilish, SZA, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner, all their pieces portray intricate detailing. Their collection of ripped dresses and micro skirts was a delight on the runway, echoing the textures of natural organic matter, shattered glass, mycelium, and oil paintings.

Abraham Levy

Designer extraordinaire, Abraham Levy presented THE fashion trends of the season in his latest collection. Featuring the fiercest fringe on top of accentuated shoulder pads, the looks got the audience gagging. Anetra of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 15 was a surprise celebrity guest model, taking to the runway in a blue fringe skirt, sky high shoulder pads with a matching white helmet.

Bartschland  – LOOK III

Our final act of the night was the fervently anticipated LOOK III collection. The LOOK series is based off of Susanne Barstch’s illustrious life. The series is inspired by the party invitations sent during her life.

This latest collection of Susanne Barstch started with the theme of a marching band. A baton gymnast warmed up the room before models came out with varying types of shakos and musical instruments. The message seemed clear, “We are here to lead the revolution of complete indulgence in fun, freedom, and self-expression.”

Of course all classic elements of the Bartschland aesthetic were vividly present – wild prints, graphique paraphernalia, brightly colored thigh boots, and tons of extra entertainment for the screaming fans. There were also an abundance of performers: singers, dancers and a saxophone player.

Photos Courtesy of Danielle Bennett // // Instagram

Though no Bartschland event is complete without the classic sparkler stilettos and a crotch flamethrower

Bartschland has fed our hungry happy hearts for three wonderful seasons with her LOOK series. Unfortunately it looks like NYC club High-Priestness and nightlife icon Susanne Bartsh will not be returning this fall for Runway 7’s NYFW.

Susanne Barstch is an OG and veteran of the true fashion era in NYC. While we look forward to all of NYFW’s shows, for me, I can’t lie that I will sorely miss the chaos and pure feral fun that Bartschland brought to the runway.

Susanne Bartsch of Bartschland for her LOOK III collection

The showcases of the weekend could not have happened without a huge backing to support it all. From the amazing selection of models from Famous Talent Management, the official makeup artist AMA , the official hair team Rogue House and the official model glam location Sicily Osteria. You also cannot have a production without food and water which was taken care of by catering partners Greek Eats and Ess-a-Bagel  and hydration sponsor RX Water. Lastly, NYFW is about enjoying fashion in a party environment, which means you need a place to stay and a place to party. INNSIDE New York Nomad was the official Runway 7 NYC Hotel Partner and Me Cabo was the official vacation hotel partner. Nightclub venue MUSICA was the official after party partner and model casting venue for Runway 7.

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