The Most Unique and Coolest Handbags

There are so many cool looking handbags out there, but there aren’t many have something extra that makes them even more special and offer a unique twist. At first glance, you won’t see what makes these two bags unique, but read on to find out what’s so extra about them.

PortoVino Wine Purse

The PortoVino Wine Purse looks simply like a fashionable tote bag. It’s available in a variety of fabulous fabrics and rich leathers, and easily holds a laptop, folding umbrella, and all the other stuff that we need to carry around with us. I’d love these totes even if the description ended there. However, the extra secret is that these totes hold your wine without having to lug a heavy and breakable bottle. And, no corkscrew needed, ever. Each PortoVino handbag has a patented zippered leak proof pocket that holds up to two bottles of wine. The reusable inner bag stays flat against the inside of the tote so you still have room for all your other necessities. When you’re ready to sip, simply hold your glass under the hidden spout and push the button. PortoVino totes are perfect for the beach and picnics, or anytime you don’t want to carry a heavy glass bottle. Not a wine drinker? The tote bag is also great for iced tea, lemonade, fruit drinks or any other beverages you want to have on hand. Great for when you’re bringing the kids to the park. These bags are stylish, well made, and great for everyday use whether you’re using for beverages or not. Cheers!

Available: PortoVino

The Oliver Thomas Crossbody/Belt Bag

As much as I love my designer – and waay too pricey – handbags, the truth is I really prefer to be hands-free and not carry a handbag at all. With this lightweight Oliver Thomas Crossbody & Belt Bag, it’s mission possible. It’s large enough to hold my Samsung 9+ phone, credit cards, money and items like lipstick, tissues and gum, yet it’s small enough to be practically unnoticeable and wear either crossbody or convert to a belt bag. And it’s available in lots of cool colors, even a camo print. But wait, wait…there’s more! All Oliver Thomas bags have RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking technology. In other words, those criminals that roam airports and other public places to steal your identity and credit card numbers, right through your wallet using an undetectable electromagnetic devise will be blocked. Personally, I’m never traveling again without my Oliver Thomas bag holding my credit cards and passport!

Available: Oliver Thomas


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