The Rear View: Jeans that Fit Those Curves!

The experts tell us that one of the most difficult things for a woman to buy is a pair of jeans. Ask any gal about her shopping experience and while she might casually mention the various denim washes, or how many pockets she prefers, what she really cares about is how good her ass looks as she walks down the street. That’s the… ahem….bottom line when it comes to the torturous process some of us go through to buy a pair of jeans.

For those uneducated in the lingo, “curves” or a “curvy figure” might seem to be a euphemism for plus sizes, but as a woman who’s never been a double digit size, jeans for curvy women is all about the waist to hip ratio and a not too tight thigh, while still having sex appeal and style. For every one pair of jeans I own, there were probably twenty left behind in the dressing room for not being flattering. If they fit in the butt, the waist was ginormous, and if they fit through the waist, I looked like a stuffed sausage everywhere else.

For me, finding the perfect wedding dress was easier than finding sexy jeans that fit my curvy size six body.

I know I’m not alone is this dilemma, and I’m thrilled to bring you some exciting new looks that offer a smaller waist to more generous hip and thigh ratio. They’ll work now and right through next spring. All these not only have great curve appeal, but also contain a touch of stretch woven into the fabric for an even smoother fit. Try them on. Use a 3-way mirror.
Get a thumbs up from an admirer. You can thank me later.

NYDJ started with the moniker, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, and created some great 5 pocket denims that were meant to fit women “of a certain age”, rather than those that shopped in the junior department. NYDJ’s exclusive “Lift Tuck Technology” assured a fit that smoothed and flattered curves. Soon, younger women realized that curves are not about age, and the styles and fabrics have become trendier, while the famous “Makes you look one size smaller” fit is enjoyed even by college girls who love the sexy good looks and great comfort. There’s no age lock up on that sweet thing! This season, I’m rocking a black straight leg style which looks sexy with my platform boots by day and even hotter with a leather jacket and stiletto heeled boots at night.

Available: Major department stores and

Eddie Bauer has created a winning trifecta in jean fitting and has come up with three perfect fits that’ll beautifully show off your lovely assets. The Curvy Fit has a small waist with a fuller hip and thigh measurement. It’s the most contoured of the three fits and it’ll hug your curves like a sports car hugs a round racetrack….dangerously! The Slightly Curvy Fit is for the 54% of women who need a moderate waist to hip ratio. And then there are the rest of you with small rears and thin thighs. Oh puleeze, I don’t even want to know you… but Eddie Bauer does. Their Truly Straight Fit jean is for a straight body shape and promises not to bag in the rear end. I personally will just have to take their word on that one.

All the jeans are made in a variety of washes and available in sizes 0-20, with the Curvy fit also available in plus sizes. And for added great fit, you can select lengths of short, regular, long, petite and tall.

Available: Eddie Bauer stores and

For those that enjoy more western styling, Ariat offers a fit more curvy than their traditional slim one. The Amber Stretch jean has a tomboy fit with feminine features. I would compare it to the Bauer Slightly Curvy fit, which is great for many. The Amber style comes in a medium tinted washed denim finish which is heavily sanded for a great look. The five-pocket boot cut styling, and lower rise, provides a sexy rear view whether you’re roughing it at a rodeo or on Rodeo Drive, and that’s no bull!


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