The Scoop With NBC’s Today Show Style Editor Bobbie Thomas

I recently had the pleasure of discussing the ins and outs of fashion and the must-haves for a modern woman with Bobbie Thomas, style editor at NBC’s Today Show. A fixture for over a decade in the fashion industry, Bobbie Thomas has been giving fashion and lifestyle advice to women across the globe through various media outlets including the Style Network, E! News and even as a columnist for In Touch magazine. A down-to-earth gal with an eye for style, Bobbie discussed her passion for fashion, her thoughts on the transformation unfolding in the fashion industry, and even pairing the best glass of wine with your style/personality.

As our interview began, Bobbie Thomas had just finished a Today Show session giving millions of viewers advice on how to get the hardware inspired look seen through downtown boutiques this season without the cost of a designer jewelry label. The DIY segment showed women how to get the trendy look just by visiting the local hardware store. Using nuts, washers, and other familiar hardware, Bobbie fancied up edgy necklaces, rings, and even bangles. Going along with her thoughts on the new modern woman, who does not conform to every trend, but instead makes the best of what she has and finds her own style, the segment encouraged creativity and individuality.

As we discussed fashion week and the shows that we both looked forward to attending, Bobbie was anticipating stumbling across some great upcoming designers among the list of NY Fashion Week veterans. Stating the joy she gets in viewing an unknown designer with such creativity and raw talent that may one day become a namesake in the industry. For Spring 2011, Bobbie expects to see a variety of great collections and no set trend, as the myriad of designers spans such a wide range of style and aesthetic. Bobbie does believe that with the changing times and evolving market, we will see a return to tradition and acceptance of a less lavish lifestyle that fosters self expression and praise for women of all shapes, sizes, and manners of style. She believes there will be a desire for neutrals and other basics to continue this sense of comfort and ease. Bobbie Thomas was happy to see that women are beginning to embrace themselves and their lifestyles and realizing that they can be fashionable in a variety of ways from one’s attire, to decorating a home, and even the way one carries herself.

A new venture Bobbie has embarked upon comes from a family tradition of enjoying time spent with friends and family. With a Portuguese mother and Greek stepfather, Bobbie grew up with European sensibilities and a taste for a more relaxed lifestyle, while still knowing how to entertain and host. Bobbie Thomas teamed up with Black Tower wine and created a style guide, which helps to find your wine personality based on your wardrobe sensibilities, favorite food, your must-have accessory, and even your home décor. While Bobbie considers herself a free-spirited chameleon, as per the style guide, who would try any of the wines, I would tend towards drinking the rich, crisp Riesling with family and friends, to go with my signature accented riding boots or for a girls night out, throwing on the LBD and trying a glass of the Pinot Noir. Check out your wine personality! You can catch more style and wine tips from Bobbie Thomas at Also check out more fashion pointers from Bobbie Thomas or view her Today Show segments at

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