THE SHOWS: New York Fall Fashion Focus 2016

This season’s Fall shows test the talent temperature of not only our great city, but those worldwide as well. As I embark on my consistent search of fresh fashion finds, I stumbled onto an immeasurable medley of style.

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe
The collection is a unique mixture of the finest flare in combination with sensual sophistication. Each look was fit for Fifth Avenue, well tailored, tasteful and timeless.

Concept Korea
Yohanix: The designer for Yohanix featured his first show in New York this season. He was inspired by Hamlet’s syndrome – to always embrace the unknown and to reach for excellence. Yohanix’s collection was designed for the visionary, the dreamer and the intellect. “My collection is a couture mix with street looking style, wearable with hand detailing.”-remarked Tae-keun Kim

This talented designer created cunning and elaborate detail to each piece while adding distinctive and well placed embroidered beading to every element from outwear to accessories. The brand is looking to expand into the United States, they
already have presence in Europe and Korea.

Jarret: The Jarret collection was inspired by the burnt, rich qualities of color and the illusory aspects of dreams. Jarret’s pieces aim to externally showcase what is within us, incorporating elements into the designs that reflect the concept of vitality. Each look is dramatically different. Ji-yeon Lee, the designer commented that the look was vamp inspired, love stricken. This linear line is composed of deep raven reds and a wide array of rich grey shades.

Peruvian designer, Jorge Salinas uses a variety of different textiles and fabrics from Peru, Europe and New York. The construction is formed in several patterns of sheer, lace and pleated designed distinctively for each single piece. Winter whimsical, tiered and multi-layered skirts and dresses in white, burnt orange and black.

Fashion Hong Kong
Harrison Wong: Menswear “Stone Lines” collection. This line was inspired by nature – earth and stone, pure modern minimalism. Intentional, clean look with distinction.

Hidy Ng: The “Unruly Luxuriance,” collection was inspired by the idea of an independent and elegant lady who enjoys inventing herself through her wardrobe. Each piece is articulated and cultivated for an ultimately unique style with every ensemble.

Loom Loop: For designer Polly Ho’s collection titled, “Androgynous,” she was inspired by the Chinese love legend, “Butterfly Lovers.” The collection combines feminine fashion with a structured statement in fine tailoring and authentic prints that distinguish the line.

Francesca Liberatore
This line is the ideal blend of impeccable elegance and edge for Fall. The collection was composed of linear, minimal clean lines in a silhouette that featured flowy, asymmetrical skirts, sheen pants and lightweight drawstring jackets. The color compilation is mostly sheer nude and jet black.

Traditional Kimono Dress with modern prints, creatively custom and colorful. Each pattern and piece flowed seamlessly and is exquisitely elaborate.

The Art Institutes
The Art Institute showcased twelve collections (11 individual designers and one design duo) highlighting each designer’s unique perspective and talent.
Look 1: Stephanie Castanon displayed her collection themed “Beneath the Surface” which exhibits a strong feminine presence with gothic undertones and iridescent elements.
Look 2: Bahareh Memarian‘s “Externa” collection engaged intricate glamour and palatable poise, a beautiful presentation.
Look 3: Alejandra Insuna – Her collection “Silent Epic; A Winter Shade of Pale” expressed a hint of history within her mixture of sculptural dresses, classic designs and retro looks.

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