The Three-Way Crossbody Hybrid That’s Crushing It

ShortyLOVE’s Wonder bag is a three-way crossbody, shoulder bag, and top handle carry bag. It’s the stylish alternative to a frumpy tote, duffel, backpack, traditional crossbody or shoulder bag. I’ve long been a fan of the lightweight silky nylon twill fabric that is used to manufacture shortyLOVE bags because it is durable and feels luxuriously high-end. The color choices are equally appealing. My Wonder bag’s rich burgundy color caused me to sway from my preference for black handbags.

The hybrid Wonder bag is shortyLOVE’s largest crossbody offering and it truly lives up to its name. It is the perfect size to take to work, the gym, or on the road. In the zippered exterior compartment, I enjoy quick access to my car keys and other items without have to unzip the main body. I usually stash a writing pad and pens in the snap-down exterior pocket on the opposite side.

Although it is roomy inside, the interior is not large enough to stash a laptop within, but there’s plenty of room for my charger, water bottle, workout gear, a make-up bag, mirror, and more. Additionally, there are two storage pockets and a zippered pocket in which I stash my sunglasses, mobile phone, and a wallet.
The sporty casual Wonder bag is a delightful three-way! I’ve happily added it to my growing collection of indispensable shortyLOVE bags.

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Rachelle Nones

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