Tokyo Lends Inspiration to Pamella Roland’s Fall Collection


When designer Pamella Roland told makeup artist Rick DiCecca that Japanese buildings inspired her upcoming collection, he wasn’t quite sure how that would translate into a beauty look.

“Every season we chat and she was in Tokyo and sent me some pictures while she was over there,” said DiCecca, global makeup artist for Amway and its line of cosmetics, ARTISTRY, the featured beauty line at the Roland show, which took place on Friday night, Feb. 12. “When I found out that was the inspiration I was like, ok, how do you create that look on the human face without being costume-y?

DiCecca visited some local museums for inspiration and found that Picasso’s work with facial deconstruction at the MoMA was exactly what he needed to help jumpstart his creative juices and interpret Roland’s vision through beauty.

Using ARTISTRY cosmetics, DiCecca created a very sharp, architectural look on the eye, and a soft, muted look on the rest of the face.

The unique use of eye liner mirrors the collection’s structural motifs and adds a dramatic flair to an otherwise neutral face and lip,” Roland said of DiCecca’s look.

DiCecca and his team used Artistry’s liquid eyeliner to translate the inspiration into a deconstructed, open bracket-shaped line around each model’s eyes.

Using foundation instead of lipstick, DiCecca then matched each model’s lip color to her skin tone for a light, neutral finish that’s easy to recreate at home.

Roland’s collection interpreted the architectural lines through structural shapes in stunning white, grey, green and red dresses; all of which appeared surprisingly ready-to-wear right off the runway.

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