Top 5 Hot Items For Travel This Season

While trains, planes, and automobiles are revving up their engines again, I made a list of must-have travel items for just about any resort, get-away, business trip, or cruise. Whether you wish to take the Manaslu Circuit trek or visit magical beaches on the Tanzanian islands — these items will certainly come in handy. Ministry of Supply, Monos, NxtSTOP, Allbirds, and Son of León made the hotlist.

Designed for the world traveler, these merino wool travel socks come in an array of colors as well as practical black. NxTSTOP makes unisex clothing while keeping in mind that people are on the go once again. I am a fan of their colorful collection. They have everything from caps to hoodies.

Tip: When washing the socks and shirts, turn them inside out and never use bleach.

You know that there will be traffic and airport delays, so prepare to be extra comfortable. NxSTOP has soft and comfy t-shirts for both men in women like this v-neck in black. You’ll be happy you are wearing them while waiting at the gate to board in first-class.


I have been a fan of Ministry of Supply for several years. Why? Because their clothing line is based on science. MIT students started the company, and several of their garments are created from the principles of astronaut uniforms at NASA. I am a fan of their shirts as they breathe very well and you never need to iron them. They stay as fresh as when you put them on until you reach your location. Perfect for business or travel for leisure.


Monos created this beautiful and sturdy metro backpack. It’s water-resistant and made with vegan leather and perfect for everyday travel. They call it a clamshell-style design that opens, well, like a clam with a modular kit system and plenty of pockets to keep organized. I chose this one for the beautiful saddle tan color. They also are available in nylon.


I recently wore this wild print hoodie while visiting family and friends on vacation. I was sort of surprised at the reaction that I received — the guys wanted to know where I bought it and the girls wanted to wear it. Son of León makes has a popular and funky line of lounge, resort and travel wear, from cabana sets to caftans, rompers and accessories. They get extra points for their imaginative prints, colors and choice of fabrics.

Women will feel light and breezy while at the pool, beach or spa in one of their caftans reinvented. The prints are bold and the designs have a current twist like the style above with what they call a disco drop.

Note: They also have fabrics and styles for those traveling to cooler climates.

Son of León

If you don’t believe that Allbirds’ shoes and sneakers are popular, just walk by one of their stores. The lines often wrap around the block. I could live in the Men’s Wool Pipers all year long. I am sure you have seen some men walk around wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of January in sub-degree weather. Well, that might be me with this comfortable low-cut sneaker – that is, until it snows.


Safe travels, enjoy, and please wear a mask when necessary.