Transitional Fall Flats


As much as I love summer I’m looking forward to the weather turning cooler and the ability to wear a cardigan without peeling it off my body after the commute home. (Lovely image isn’t it?)

Even though open-toed shoes are acceptable until Jack Frost comes nipping at your digits, one of the first things I switch out are my sandals for flats and loafers. Considering the amount New Yorkers walk and the high chance you’ll run into someone you know, your footwear should be both stylish and practical. The following examples are both.

American Apparel Ballet Flats

The timeless silhouette of a leather ballet flat goes with everything from the roughest of denim to the daintiest of dresses – and the range of colors and quality of construction of this American Apparel number does not disappoint. For anyone who’s ever dreamed of dancing in the Nutcracker or is simply satisfied with their post-lunch cashew mix, this shoe is comfortable and versatile enough to appeal to all.

Elaine Turner Blake Python Tuxedo Loafer

Break out the bubbly, it’s almost loafer season!! The sexy python print and demure demeanor of this tuxedo loafer is a sure-fire winner whether you’re pairing it with office attire or heading out to happy hour. Once again the quality doesn’t disappoint, and the leather is supple even on the initial wears. I’m already eyeing it in another pattern.

Croc’s Carlisa Giraffe Print Flat

We’ve all seen them on tourists – those neon, aerated thingy’s otherwise known as Croc’s. Before you judge me I wanted to let you know that the company also makes flats – and they’re bewitchingly comfortable. The next time I’m walking across town (a.k.a. at least 3 miles at a time) I’ll be sporting the giraffe print Croc’s thanks to their cushy feel, inconspicuously aerated sides and cute print.

Footzyrolls and FootzyFolds

Whether you’re commuting to work or want a pair of flats to stick in your purse so you don’t have to wear stilettos all night – footzyrolls and footzyfolds are a great alternative to mismatching flip flops and bulky purses. They come in a sleek pouch with patterned or plain flats you either roll or fold, depending on your preference. These shoes are definitely part of the “how did I ever live without this?” convenience category.

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