Travel – In The Bag: Aubade Paris + Woodzee Sunglasses

When you pack your bags this summer for sunny destinations, refreshing beaches, bustling urban explorations, weekend trips, or quiet wooded retreats, you’ll want to add these products from Woodzee and Aubade Paris:

Woodzee Sunglasses – Stay Shady
Woodzee sunglasses are remarkably distinctive for their beautiful, sustainable and eco-friendly frames. Each pair is unique: some are crafted from recycled skateboards, some have tinted lenses (yellow, pink, gray/green), some are aviator style, and others impart a glamorous Hollywood vibe. Surfers love them, and so should you — you’re not only protecting your eyes, but you’re also saving the planet.

Whatever your preference may be, you’re sure to find a pair that suits your style HERE at Woodzee — and for a reasonable price, too. Check out the Bardot, The Tuff Safari, The Shake Appeal (part of the Crap Eyewear line), Belmondo, The Suntan Underground, The Teigen, Teddy Boy and many more sun-perfect frames for all humans. Enjoy 20% off your purchase at their website and follow @woodzeeinc on social.

Aubade Paris‘s Beach Paradise line features a Pareo skirt in deep green sea/peinture, a long blue-green patterned dress reminiscent of the ocean, and a beach tunic, as well as swimwear and lingerie (corsets, slips, thongs, plunge bras, and more). Their sun-kissed collection celebrates flowers, women, glamour, nature, and sensuousness — and their comfortable designs run from an A to an H cup. They offer eco-friendly lines, too. Men can find boxers and swimwear. An aubade is a poem or piece of music suitable for the dawn or early morning. Check it all out HERE.

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