Vintage Cool Cali Apparel: Our Q & A with Rogue Coast California’s Simone Gabrielle

If you like unique, comfortable clothes that make a statement, check out Rogue Coast California. This online retailer launched during the height of the pandemic and is now hitting the market with its unpretentious loungewear with a Cali vibe. Beauty News NYC sat down with Simone Gabrielle, the founder of Rouge Coast California, to learn more about her clothing brand and its meaning.

When did you start Rogue Coast California and what was your motivation behind it?

I launched the brand in Spring of 2020 from my couch in Southern California. Like the rest of the world, I was lassoed to my home for lockdown, and stopped getting dressed. I thought it would be worth trying to lift my spirits by making comfy, casual, loungewear that was emblazoned with optimistic, uplifting messages like CALM UP and JOY RIDER. My goal was to synergize hope during a real tough time for society. I coupled the mantras with original, cool, black and white, vintage images unlike anything else out there, made the collection unisex, and launched an e-commerce store within weeks of spawning the idea. 

In your own words, describe Rogue Coast California

Rogue Coast California is both a lazy Sunday as it is a hustling Monday. The brand can be dressed up or down, since a Tee can be paired with a blazer, or a hat can hide bad hair. Throw on a super soft hoodie to run errands, or grab a lived-in tank to work out or work from home. Loyal to the laid back SoCal vibes of crisp, sunny days, and cool, oceany nights, the hoodies, hats, tees and tanks are organic to that iconic California lifestyle, but without looking like everything else out there. 

How did you come up with the name?

I am unorthodox, often accused of ‘going rogue’, and was born on the coast of California. So Rogue Coast California is a homage to my heritage and the vibes of the brand.

Who is your brand for?

Any human who wants to be comfy, yet distinct. The brand is brimming with items that are hopefully grabbed first from the pile of fresh laundry. Alternatively, there’s some pieces that can be paired with more tailored pieces of clothing that deliver a polished look that doesn’t seem like you are trying too hard. 

Which pieces are bestsellers?

The CALM UP hoodies for sure. Hoodies are such a win because they’re like a wearable hug. And who doesn’t want to be reminded to CALM UP? The views are better on top. Why calm down when you can calm up? 

So you design every piece yourself?

As I wander through life, and some throwaway comment, or morsel of a conversation stands out for me, I write it down and think about how to emblazon it on an item later. Then I put on my headphones and either source an original image to pair with the copy, or just design the piece with just copy. I can’t design it silence, I always have to have music on. 

Your brand is unisex, but you mentioned the majority of your customers are women.

I want to be sure every human can wear my stuff, but I tend to market like I think, and as a woman, that tends to land the most with my audience. 

You’re strictly e-commerce, why?

Less is more. I hold no inventory. Each piece is made on demand. Not opposed to brick and mortar, just have not pursued it yet.

Any closing thoughts?

When you can’t stop thinking about something, explore why. It can be a friend with whom you had a falling out with, or a dream you have not nurtured. Whatever it is, it’s unresolved for a reason and it’s worth pursuing. I have thought about doing something like this for over a decade. But it wasn’t until I was shackled to my house in lockdown that I thought, ‘no one is going to give you a paint by number cheat sheet on how to build this brand, just start’. So I did. From my couch. Dressed in sweats. Progress is better than perfection.

To learn more about Rogue Coast California and to check out the collection, visit Now through Labor Day 2021, you can use the code IAMAWESOME2021 for 10% off your purchase.